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"Sittin' Pretty"

I mentioned on my recent Craigslist post that I happened upon these fabulous reupholstered chairs in the Upstate South Carolina listings.  Well, after a little researching I was able to get into contact with the maker of those fabulous chairs.  Her name is Ashley and she's graciously agreed to be the feature for today's post.  Ashley's reupholstered items were so lovely, I couldn't resist the opportunity to share them with you. 

Dwell by Cheryl (DBC):  "Ashley, how did you get started with reupholstery?"

Ashley: "I initially started experimenting with reupholstering as another random project because I love repurposing things and making gorgeous, expensive-looking decor on a cheap budget. My first chair literally involved me completely taking it apart and piecing it back together.  I was motivated by the fact that I've never liked spending a lot of money on any item because there is always a way to recreate it and make it your own.   Personally, I think that provides a personal touch which makes it far more valuable."



DBC:  "Are there particular types of chairs that you look for?" 

Ashley:  "I love any chairs that just stand out to me or have character to them. When looking for chairs or fabric, I never go searching with a particular item in mind. I usually just see something and use my imagination. From curtains to pillows, to do- it-yourself upholstered headboards, I just have more and more fun with each project I try."



DBC:  "For those DIYers out there, do you have any words of wisdom?"

Ashley: "Is every project successful on the first try? Absolutely not! It's all trial and error.  No piece of furniture is the same.  sMy advice for other DIY enthusiast is to redecorate with items you already have.  Simply painting some photo frames or something as simple as reprinting pictures in black and white can make a big impact.  Any random accent piece from a thrift store or yard sale can easily be spray painted to become your own. Searching online for design items you like provides great inspiration to get a feel for your style.  Try adding fun decorative knobs to your current cabinets or side tables for a quick update.  (Every few weeks Hobby Lobby has adorable ones 50% off).  How about recovering lampshades, making pillow covers out of fun accent fabrics, repainting a chair or side table, or even just some fresh paint on the wall?  It's the little things that make a big difference."





DBC:  "Any recent projects?"

Ashley:  "I recently reupholstered simple modern black chairs and a sofa and made pillows out of blue linens with a monogram and different color chevron fabric."

Ashley: "I love different textures colors and patterns to add more character.  I think it's having those homemade creations that truly makes my house my home."

Kudos to Ashley!  She's definitely inspired me.  If you're in the Upstate SC area, feel free to contact Ashley at ashma821@aol.com about her work.  Let her create a custom item for you!  I know I am.

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