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"Sprucing Up My Parent's Patio"

Hi there! Sorry for the recent radio silence.  I neglected to share with you all that I was going on vacation last week. I had a wonderful time at home in Mississippi last week with my family.  Funny enough, the trip was not without a design project.  My mother insisted that I help her pull together her outdoor space. 

My parent's have a pretty nice space, complete with a large front and back yard.  My mom spends lots of time on the back patio and really needed it to be much more inviting. (I apologize for the cell phone pics.)

Let's just say the space began as a hot mess.  My mom has quite a green thumb but that's about where it ends.

She recently purchased a new patio dining set and needed some help with the layout.
via Home Depot (Discontinued)
So with a huge space to deal with we decided to break it into areas. 
This little nook was perfect for a seating space.  We reoriented the furniture and added a small rug to define the area.  Pillows and accessories and of course (my fav), greenery in basket planters finishes it off.

For the dining space we opted for a configuration that would keep most guests out of the scorching sun.  I think it actually works so much better.

There's another area that allowed for a small bistro table and two existing chairs and her new QVC umbrella, complete with lights provides some much needed shade. 

We were obsessed with this umbrella.  It has solar lights that provide quite a bit of illumination in the evenings and lots of shade during the day.  You can find more info on it HERE.
As always, design is in the details and we added a few here and there.

There's something alluring about a string of lights in evening, so I couldn't finish this makeover without adding just one strand. 
They were the perfect finishing touch. 

The best part of the entire patio makeover was the time we spent there every morning and evening.  I love that design has the power to change the way you live and enjoy your home. 

 It may have even inspired me to utilize my outdoor space a little more often.

"My Recent Thrift Finds"

Now that my home projects are all finished (for now) I'm entirely focused on pulling together the final pieces for my client's nursery project.  I can't wait to install this project.  Who doesn't love a precious kid space?

While I've been out and about lately, I've stumbled upon some great thrift finds.  I thought I'd share a few of my favorites to get this week started.  (Sorry guys, lots of cell phone pics today.)

First off, at this year's ReStore ReStyle event, I snagged a cute sea urchin-like object.  You can see it hiding out on the third shelf with the green books in a fantastically designed space from the event's competition.
For just a few bucks, I had to have it.  It looks great in my home office and I like that it's different from the typical retail versions you see so often.

Next, you know I love the Metrolina Expo's Vintage and Antiques Show.  Last month, while digging through a yucky old box I spotted this brass bird. Yes, I have a pair already, but he was $2 and needed a home.

I rescued him and have NO regrets.  : )

Lately it seems I'm into containing things.  I mentioned my obsession with baskets as planters so when I was told that this medium sized woven delight was just $5, I snatched him up.

Well worth it.

Last weekend I took a trip to the newest Habitat ReStore (Denver, NC) in our area and scored big time!  Again, containment was a theme.  (Note: The chicken print was purchased for my farm loving friend Jennifer.)
This brass faux bamboo tray was a no brainer.  It was dirty so I cleaned it up with Barkeeper's Friend and Brasso and it now looks awesome! See for yourself.
Not to mention, it now contains a few of my favorite baubles.
I recently decided I needed my coffee gear contained and got this large tray but it bugged me that the K-cups were left out of the party.  I made it my mission to find an appropriate basket and lucked up with the $0.25 one a the ReStore.
What can I say, it's the little things.
Lastly, my latest excursion yielded many great deals.  This is just a sampling...

One of my favorites was this large $5 black ginger jar.  I purchased it with no idea how, or where I'd use it.  When I got home it became crystal clear.  It's perfect atop my fireplace mantle in my Master Bedroom.   

And this my friends, is why I thrift.  So many unique and affordable finds....so little time.

Be sure to follow the www.metrolinarestores.org/blog. Later this week I'll be blogging about my love for etageres, one of my favorite vintage furniture pieces. 

Until then....

My Home Office Reveal!

I was reminded recently that I never actually shared my completed office.  I feel like I've moved so slowly on it, that I actually forgot to do a reveal.  I'm sure it doesn't help that I've been sharing snippets on social media for months.  It may also have something to do with the fact that I'm not sure if I'm completely done with it.  I still need a small surface for my printer and I'd love to have a matching etagere for additional storage. 

I know, I know it's a very long shot, but it is on my list. 

Let's revisit where we began...

I actually blogged about it HERE nearly a year ago to the day. Wow, time flies!

I knew I wanted white walls and a blank slate with pops of color.  I began with the custom drapes, a vintage chandelier, a thrifted chair and desktop and a Pottery Barn teen print.

After the drapery was installed, I provided a little update on the Metrolina ReStores blog.

Since then, I've been working to pull it all together and I'm pleased to inform you that (for the most part) it's all done.
I can't tell you how nice it is to work in such a bright and happy place.  I love the color and the freshness of the white walls.  It's so inspiring.  It's like a breath of fresh air.
See for yourself...
I love watching a space come together over time.  It's a great way to get the best deals and to ensure that you get exactly what you want. 
It's been a long time coming, but it finally came together.  So, what do you think? I hope you love it as much as I do. 
Until next time...

"Outdoor Living Space Reveal"

Recently, I shared my plans to spruce up my back patio. The truth is, while I LOVE gardening, I don't actually spend a lot of time hanging out on my patio. Well, I'm on a mission to change that. I pleased to report that over the last couple of weeks, I've had a chance to spruce things up a bit and I'm really loving the results.

I think one of the keys to creating a cozy outdoor living space is to think of it as an outdoor living room. The same techniques used to furnish and accessorize a living room, can certainly be utilized on a porch or patio.

Ample and comfortable seating is key. I had my cushions recovered and added a pop of color on the piping to keep the neutral fabric fun. I ended up keeping my outdoor rug that I purchased at Habitat ReStore last year instead of using the new one I purchased at the Catawba Valley ReStore recently. I opted to use the new rug on the front porch. 

I also believe that each seat requires a place to put down a drink, so side tables are a must.

They're also great places for smaller plants and accessories. I items like candles and decorative accessories can get overlooked outdoors, but these days they make so many of them for outdoor use.

In addition to my terracotta planters, this year I added texture with baskets. I'm not sure how they'll hold up in the elements, so most are contained under the covered portion of my patio.

I've also learned over the years that not every plant needs to bloom. Lately, I have a much greater appreciation for greenery, but I do still love my blooms....

Lastly, my favorite new addition to this space was by far the outdoor fireplace I scored on Craigslist for $50!! New in the Box.

This baby has completely changed how (and how often) I use my outdoor space.  And yes, I do have a mirror in my outdoor space. (NOTE: I've seen others also use art outdoors) I told you, treat it like it's a living room and you'll be surprised what you can create.

Until next time....
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