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"Cool, Colorful and Cozy Project Reveal"

So excited to be back today to share with you one of our favorite projects this year.  You may remember this project from last year, when we gave the client's master bedroom a new lease on life with a heavy dose of pattern and a new cozy seating area.  You can read more about that in my

Early this year, our clients returned ready to tackle the living spaces on the first floor of their uptown Charlotte home.  The spaces had really good bones and in my opinion, they'd done a great job getting the foundation right.  The paint color worked well with their style, the layout wasn't bad, but overall the space lacked the life and personality that reflect the cool young family who lives there.  

Since we'd worked with them previously and had already gotten to know them, we jumped right into the design phase of the project.  In fact, we actually started it before they ever called us back for Phase II of their project.  Let me explain...

So, we’d completed the first phase of the project last year, but during the initial consult I snapped a picture of an art print they had tacked up in the kitchen.  Honestly, I was just data collecting to get a sense of their style. 

Fast forward several months after their project wrapped and we were out treasure hunting in the NC mountains during our team retreat, when this abstract fell from the sky.  

It was the prefect complement to that print and perfect for our clients (who hadn’t yet hired us back).  We had a feeling they would, so we bought it and held it... and guess what? They called!  That beautiful original art became the basis for the entire first floor of their home. 

We used it as a driver for the color scheme and vibe for the project and made selections to complement the piece. The vibe was cool, colorful and cozy.  

I really loved this one from day one, so to see it in real life was really amazing.  Love it even more!

We kept the original layout and even several of the family's existing furniture pieces.  There was no need to replace the leather chairs, x-benches, storage console or bookshelves.  However, the sofa, window treatments, lighting and decor were definitely due for an upgrade.  The windows got a heavy dose of pattern and color with a red geometric print roman shade, a subtle nod to the fraternity and sorority affiliation of both clients.  

Check out that sconce in the background!  

We opted for family-friendly pieces that would stand up to the play of two little boys and a pup.  Revolution Performance Fabrics to the rescue on both the sofa and new window seat cushions.  I'm also a little obsessed with the pass-through coffee table.  I can imagine the little ones crawling through it when it's not doubling as substantial storage space.   

While we were working on the master bedroom project, our clients expressed the desire to add a piano to their home.  They went for it and we made its placement much more intentional with the addition of lighting and that original art print.  Love it!

In the kitchen we needed to address the dining seating, the obnoxious fan, dated backsplash and under-scaled lighting.  

Again, the paint selection seemed to work, so we left it unchanged and went BOLD on the backsplash.  We knew we wanted to work with the existing cabinets and countertops as they weren't quite ready for a full kitchen renovation.  

You'd be surprised what a good backsplash, new lighting and hardware can do.   Maybe you won't be after you see this.  Check it out...

Crazy right??  So much better.  The graphic print really does make the cabinetry and countertops seem so much more intentional.   In the eat-in space, we added a modern oval table and fab leather chairs that allow for the family to seat six-- essential when they have friends and family over. 

Lastly, wanting to set the tone as you immediately enter the home, we encouraged them to address the entry.  I think it's so important not to leave this space overlooked.  In this case, a modern wool runner and swanky lighting do the trick. (You should see these at night!)

 I love this home and I love this family.  I'm so pleased that their home is now so much more THEM! You can't ask for more than that.  😊

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