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C'mon In: Master Bath Makeover

 If there are two things I'm not, it's (1.) a photographer and (2.) a DIY blogger.  It's why I pay a photographer for my client projects and why I don't have brands paying me to review their products.  When I tackle a project at home it's because it needs to be done and my number one goal is completion.  This means during the process, I'm not really thinking about the steps involved or capturing the process on film to share with my readers.  It's just not how I'm built.  So in the end, you basically get a peek at what I've done and me doing the best I can to somehow share the steps involved in getting there.  Here goes..

I've been wanting to spruce up my master bath since completing my master bedroom makeover over a year ago.  There wasn't anything particularly wrong with it, but I was OVER the pink.
What pushed me into action was the fact that the linoleum started to pull away from the walls.  It was actually shrinking.  When this happens, your bathroom is literally begging for an upgrade.  I wasn't ready to bite the bullet on a tile project so I decided to investigate alternative options.  I landed on a floor stencil and the folks at Cutting Edge Stencils were kind enough to allow me to review one of their fabulous options.  You may recall my living room wall stencil project.  I still love it and decided to try out the process on the floor. 

Valspar has a line of latex floor paint that made the painting pretty simple.  After removing the linoleum (which came up really easily), I began with a base coat of dark gray.

It went down super easy and dried very quickly.  I applied just two coats.  With the base coat down, I began my stencil.  After some deliberation, I selected this lace stencil. 

I love the look of lace tile.  Something about it has a vintage appeal. With the gray foundation established, I went with a white paint for the top coat color.  I was hoping to achieve something like this...


I'll admit, stenciling is a process.  It's not difficult, it just takes some time. The good news about patterns like this one is that they are pretty forgiving.   The interlocking stencil makes it easy to move the stencil from section to section.  I typically let one square dry before I move to the next one.  This keeps the paint from smearing.

Once the stencil was complete and dry, I topped it off with a clear (glossy) sealant made for concrete.  It made a HUGE difference.

Not only do I love the sheen, I love how it feels underfoot.  With the floor done, it was time to decorate.  I had seen this photo in Country Living and fell in love with the feel of the space. 

The furniture piece, the crisp white, the art, the traditional rug and the natural elements.  I used it as my inspiration for my plan for the space.

So here's what I ended up purchasing.... The shade was a must have.  I'd been wanting to add one and this one from JCP was super nice and best of all cordless!  I purchased the zig zag color.  I found this random stool at a consignment shop and loved the animal print.  I thought it would make a great vanity chair and have been storing it in my garage for over a YEAR!  I needed to replace the white shelf over my lingerie chest.  I looked for a vintage option for months, but decided to just go with this functional oak cabinet I found on eBay.  It took a minute to assemble but the quality isn't bad at all.  Finally, the rug was a totally score from Rugs USA.

As usual, I didn't shy away from pattern mixing in this project.  I love the unexpected combo.  I also love that it feels like the flooring is old and that I didn't feel required to make it "match" my d├ęcor. 

The remaining decorative items were picked up here and there and have literally been collecting in my garage.  It was pretty nice being able to shop your own inventory.

I painted the two French Provincial pieces and the cabinet black.  It immediately dressed things up a bit.

These awesome apothecary jars are from a Pure and Simple Estate Sale.  I decided to give them a little glam makeover with spray paint.

Aren't they FAB!!  We all know by now that design is in the details and bathrooms shouldn't be left out.  I had a blast adding some fun accessories to the space. 

I stumbled upon this nude painting at Ross.  Yep, Ross Dress for Less.  It stopped me in my tracks. It was huge and it looked really....classy.  I had no idea how I 'd fit it in the bathroom, but I was determined to give it a try.  Literally the only wall large enough to accommodate it was the one just as you enter.  I actually like it there.  It's a bit more private on this wall and I was able to use some of the vertical space. I do need to find a vintage brass switch plate however.

The final piece was this adorable -Dorable Stop from Dunes and Duchess.  

It's been a long time coming, but I love the end result.  Totally worth it!  

"Coastal One Day Design Plus"

Last year I began offering a new service called One Day Design Plus (ODD+).  It was born out of a need to offer an option for those seeking expedited decorating services for spaces that can be easily pulled together without custom selections and major furnishings. The bonus to ODD+ is that in addition to providing all the benefits of the One Day Design service, it also includes additional designer sourcing and an installation to bring it all together.  I shared my first ODD+ project HERE

I'm currently working on a ODD+ project that we'll install later this month.  I'm really excited as the client and I have really similar tastes.  We'll be creating a relaxing retreat for the family's guests.  We are essentially starting from scratch. 

We toyed with the idea of painting but in the interest of time we've decided to hold off on it.   The walls are a neutral tan and I think we can make them work.  We'll be adding drapery, bedding, wall art, lighting and accessories.  We'll also be reupholstering the existing wing chair.  The client already had a pretty clear idea of what she envisioned for the space, so I took the initiative to put together a plan prior to meeting.  I wanted to ensure that we were on the same page.  Thankfully, we were. 

The project began with my original One Day Design service.  It's essentially six hours with me accessing the space, moving things around, shopping what you have and then hitting the road to see what we can score.

We hit the jackpot at just a couple of locations and decided we were off to a good start. 

So good in fact, she was fine with me taking things from there.

For the past two weeks, I've been shopping up a storm, making certain we have everything we need for the project.  As a courtesy to my clients, I don't typically share retail sources for their projects, but here are a couple of items we'll be incorporating. 

via West Elm
via Pottery Barn (Apricot Brandy)
They'll be a bit of a coastal theme.  I'm working to keep it subtle and tasteful, because themes can sometimes get a little out of hand.  Know what I mean? 

In addition to the ODD+ project, I'll be beginning another kid's room this weekend.  I'm so excited!  This one is a teenage boy's room and I'm totally up for the challenge of defining his design style.  Why should the girls have all the fun?  Until next time...

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