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Hi y'all!  Hop on over to the Confetti Style blog where my friend and fellow blogger Shelly is interviewing me for her popular Behind the Blog series.  I'm dishing on where I find inspiration, how I balance it all and MORE! 

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Southern Spaces for Beautiful Living

Hi there!  It's been a couple of weeks, but I'm back with some pretty exciting news!

Back in May I received a Facebook message from Hoffman Media requesting my mailing address.  Apparently, they were hoping to send me a copy of a design book I was featured it.  Of course, not having any prior knowledge of what they were referring to, I kindly asked for more information.  It turns out, they were putting the finishing touches on a book entitled Southern Spaces for Beautiful Living and a project of mine previously featured in their premiere issue of Southern Home magazine would be included in the new book.  "Say what?"  OMG!  Ok, a magazine is one thing, a design book is another.  I could hardly contain my excitement! 

After telling practically everyone close to me, I eagerly awaited the package in the mail.  I waited, and waited and waited some more... It never came.  I checked the Internet weekly for mentions of the book and finally one week in mid-June it appeared on Amazon and subsequently Barnes and Nobles' website. Shortly thereafter, it was added to the publisher's website.  The release date they all indicated was September 8th. "September 8th?" Urgh!! I determined that even if the pre-released copy was on its way, I'd still want another, so I put in an order on Amazon and waited some more.  I waited, and waited and waited.  That is, until today...

On September 8th, expecting to receive an Amazon shipping notification, I received a shipping "update" notification instead.  The book would be shipped on Monday, September 12th.  NOOOOO!!!!! 

Well, this weekend yet another update landed in my inbox informing me that my shipment was sent and would be received before 8pm on Monday, September 12th.  After waiting an excruciating 8 hours for the mail person to arrive, I FINALLY received the package.... (Cut to live video)

How exciting is that?  (Ignore the fact that I look like a crazy person.) I honestly recorded it just to capture the moment, but it's so funny that I decided to share it with you guys. According to the media company, the book is the ultimate guide to Southern design.  It  breaks down beautiful living room by room. From kitchens to living areas to master suites, you’ll find a range of looks that embrace the region’s signature styles, as well as savvy ideas from experts and homeowners, to make the most of every space in your home.

Hoffman Media
I haven't even had a chance to look through it yet.  I did glance at the back credits and I saw a few of my social media/design friends included as well. 

So, I'm officially published in a book!  And, in case you're wondering, it's my home office that's included. 

Cam Richards Photography
I'm so very grateful to the folks at Hoffman Media.  They were the first national publication to allow me the honor of gracing their pages and I'm truly humbled to be among the amazing talent included in their latest release.

I know I've said it before but this journey continues to amaze me.  Five years ago, I never would've dreamt that I'd be here today.  It is both a testament to the favor of Almighty God and to setting your mind to something and stopping at nothing achieve it.  Let's mark this day down, because the half has not been told and I'm just getting started. ; )

If you're interested, you can purchase it on Amazon (slightly discounted) HERE.

Until next time...
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