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"Pattern Play Master Bedroom Reveal"

So excited to be revealing one of our recent projects today.  This one was a bit of a departure for us, and may just be one of my favorites this year. 

Instead of me giving you the lay of the land for the project, I thought I'd let you hear it straight from the client.  Here's an excerpt from the testimonial they shared after we completed the project. 

"The three things I said I needed a designer for were: 

1) completing the room; 
2) sourcing the furniture; 
3) blending me and my partners' styles. 

She. Nailed Each. One. This was an opportunity that we never seriously considered. With all the free design services offered at home furnishing stores, it seemed like frivolity to pay for an interior designer. We had multiple people, from multiple different stores come to the home. We’d even purchased items based off of sketches they proposed. At the end of the day, however, our most pressing needs for the bedroom were never addressed; we didn’t really love the way our space looked; we had bits and pieces but couldn’t agree on anchoring pieces that would bring the space to a point of completion. SO we just lived in a room with a bed, a too-small rug, too small side tables, a ginormous tv, a cool but unnecessary bench, and a nursery chair. 

When Cheryl saw the room, she said we lived in a white box that was ripe for character. The biggest issue my husband and I faced was that we couldn’t agree on anything firmly enough to commit to buying it. The things we did end up buying ( and spending a lot of money on) wound up never working. Upon Cheryl’s design presentations she could see we were decision-ally-challenged. She patiently worked with us. I’d done enough research on her to give her my trust, but I was nervous... 

...What most struck me was how she and her assistant took note of what we already had in the house to get a sense of our character (which I imagine was also like pulling teeth). She worked with our budget and even got creative with our resources. She listened to our needs and made them work. What she was careful to note, however, was that we hired her for a reason. To really make our dreams come to fruition, we had to trust her and acknowledge the investment. 

Words cannot begin to describe the way we felt on reveal day. We were literally HGTV reveal participants. We were astounded by our finished master bedroom. Utterly amazed. The fabrics, the sketches, even the install of the chandelier the day before the full reveal did nothing to prepare us for the magnificence we walked into. Not only was our room beautiful, but it was so us. Fully representative of our style. Colors, decor, everything. It was even personal. Personal photos, books that spoke directly to our interests, fabrics that acknowledged the presence of young children in our home, and elegant luxury that made the bedroom feel special. This was a worthy investment. I can’t wait to have Cheryl complete the rest of my home."

Such a great review right?  Our client's really wanted the space to feel light and bright but they needed to add a little life.  Instead of playing with color, we opted for pattern to add interest to this unadorned space.  The Kravet fabric used on the drapery is by far the biggest statement in the space.  I honestly thought it would be a hard sale, but they were game. 

After presenting our plans for the space we made a few small changes and then we were 
off to the races!

Everything came together beautifully.  Check out these dramatic before and after photos. 

Such a cozy little area.  We added quite a bit of furniture in the space and as usual it seems even larger than before.  Space planning is so important.  After all, we not only want the spaces we create to be beautiful, we also want them to function well. 

The change in this space is pretty astounding given the fact that we didn't paint.  I love a good decorative project.  It really is amazing what pattern, color and well-placed furnishings can do for a space.  The clients wanted to add a seating area for their young family to watch tv and hang out. Also on their wish list was a place to do work if needed.  We were able to achieve this with a small seating area (including a large storage ottoman) and a lucite console and custom X-benches that serve as seating when they need to break out the laptop and do a little work.  

Durability and clean-ability were keys in this project.  With a dog and two children under 3 years old, we opted to use Revolution Performance Fabric on the bedding, ottoman and swivel chairs (by Sylvester Alexander).    What we gained in performance, we certainly didn't lose in style.  I love the textiles is this space.  

One of the things we like to find out in our first meeting with our clients is who they are as people (or as a family).  We posed this question at our initial consult and it sparked quite the discussion.  Ultimately, they told us that they were a music loving family who wanted their culture reflected in their home with items that resonated with them.  

We were extremely intentional about the art and decorative objects that we chose for the space.  We wanted them to be a complete reflection of our client's journeys and interests.  

I totally love how this one turned out.  Don't you?  

"Colorful and Cozy Charlotte Living"

It's usually my intent to publish a blog post each month, but lately the months seem to zoom by at the speed of light and sadly sometime they slip by me.  Today, I'm making up for lost time with a post packed with some great before and afters...I promise!

Cam Richards Photography
Earlier this year, we had the pleasure of working with a client who was looking to spruce up the main level living space in her new home.  One of my favorite things about her was that she wasn't afraid of color.  She'd seen our work at a friend's home and knew that she had to level up the living at her own place.

The client loved to entertain so we needed ample seating for gatherings with her family and friends.  With a toddler in the home, we also needed things to be pretty kid-friendly.  We started with the color story on this one.  Like I said, she was totally game for color so we took advantage by wrapping the space in a rich moody purple called Graphy by Sherwin Williams.  She'd mentioned that purple was her favorite color and this particular hue helped create that warm sexy vibe she wanted. 

Immediately after the paint went on, the space was transformed and had so much more personality!  With the purple as a base, we begin layering in rich golds, blues, reds...you name it.  Sounds a little crazy but it totally worked.  The purple Windy O'Connor wallpaper was going to be just the thing to give the spaces flanking the fireplace some interest.  

The hand-rendering brought our vision to life and she was SOLD!  Not a single revision made to our original plan.  I love when they trust us! 😃

Artist: Jackie Ramdin

It honestly couldn't have come together any better.  The colors in the space just pop without being jarring at all.  Take a look...

Bassett Furniture Sectional in Revolution Performance Fabric

We knew those nondescript niches needed something and the graphic stripe paper gave us that rich global vibe we wanted.  Subtle and impactful all at the same time!

Sylvester Alexander swivel chair
 Wildwood Lamps side table
Bassett Furniture

While the space was a good size, it really didn't have a lot of storage.  We added large media cabinets flanking both sides of the fireplace to add ample storage for toys, blankets and media components. 

With so much color in the textiles, we kept it pretty neutral with the accessories.  

Funny enough, the link that made it all work was this Brentwood Textiles cut velvet fabric.  It was our jumping off point for the colors in the project and allowed us to pull our accents from it.  We used it as the covering on the large tufted storage ottoman from Baity's Custom Upholstery and it's one of my favorite things in the space. 

In the adjacent dining area we needed to create a more comfy seating are and update the space a bit.  Enter the Anderson banquette from the Belle by Cheryl Luckett collection for Sylvester Alexander.   The current seating and lighting were functional but not on par with the client's current style.  We also wanted to address the option for privacy on the sliding glass doors to the patio. 

The Revolution Plus fabric provides a beautiful and completely durable textile for the banquette and the golden cut velvet adds a lush layer to the wall that combines function with high style. 

Wildwood Lamps, Bassett Dining Table and Chairs, Hudson Valley Lighting

The art and lighting are the real showstoppers in this space.  

Anderson banquette- Belle by Cheryl Luckett for Sylvester Alexander 

The addition of bar stools provides ample seating our clients when entertaining.

Leftbank Art

Two often overlooked areas of a home are the entry and the powder bath.  Often situated near the front of the home, they can set the tone for your guest's entire experience.  We encouraged our client to address them both and boy was she glad she did!  Here's where they began...

We decided to keep the entry mirror but updated the storage piece to be a bit more contemporary.   A little change went a long way in connecting this small entry with the newly revamped living area. 

The powder bath was a basic as they come.  It was screaming for wallpaper.

We selected this bold peacock paper from York Wallcoverings to add pizazz to this small space and upgraded the lighting.  

Two small changes...BIG difference! 

This project proves that playing with color doesn't have to be a scary thing.  We love the warmth, life and cozy factor this Charlotte home now has.  What do you think? 
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