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"Doors and Trim"

I am loving painted doors and trim.

Photos via Real Simple magazine

You already know that I have BIG plans for my front door.  I blogged about it recently HERE, but the more I see painted interior doors, the more I like them.


So often I think we homeowners feel like were stuck with the cards the builder dealt us, but nothing could be further from the truth.  Painted interior doors are an easy way to give your home a more custom look.

I'm a little hesitant to go there because I know once I start with one door, I won't stop until the last one is painted.  It's like opening up Pandora's box.

I also think that painted trim is a great way to add/highlight architectural details.  It's a particularly great idea for those who prefer neutral walls.

An excellent way to add a little something extra.  So, would you paint your interior doors or trim work?  I'm curious to know.  BTW, you guys have been awfully quiet out there lately.  I miss hearing from you. 
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"Stinky Laundry"

About a year ago, I was shopping at the Ballard Designs Outlet (Ballard's Backroom) in Atlanta and came across this wall mounted towel bar.  Nothing fancy, just a wrought iron rack to hang towels. 

Ballard Designs (no longer available)
It was deeply discounted and I had no idea what I was going to do with it, but for the price I figured it could come in handy for something.  It lived behind by guest bathroom door for a while but really served no real purpose.  That is, until about a month ago.  I'd been noticing this mildew smell in my laundry hamper.  It was driving me nuts.  No amount of laundry detergent, bleach or my favorite new product, Purex laundry crystals....

...seem to get it out.  These things are fabulous by the way.  They make doing laundry so much fresher.

Anyway, my Mom asked me if I was putting wet towels in the hamper.  Duh!  Why didn't I think of that?  So, I decided to move the rack to the master linen closet next to the hamper. 


Now it has become the perfect place to hang all of those wet white wash cloths that were the culprits.  By the time I get to the fifth bar, towel #1 is completely dry. 

No more stinky laundry!  Thanks to this simple swing arm towel rack, all is right with the world (ok, at least my laundry).  Just thought I'd share in case you have similar challenges.  Sometimes it's the little things....

"Oops I Did It Again: Bath Reveal"

Well, I've done it again.  I've managed to change something else in my home. I think it may be the fact that I've been here for five years now and things are beginning to bore me.  You know, variety is the spice of life. 

It all began with a Target shower curtain that I picked up at home at my favorite salvage store during Christmas break.  I got it for an unspeakably low price.  Seriously.  My original plan was to use it in a client's space.  However, while I was putting away the Christmas decoration recently I came across it and realized that I really liked it. 

I brought it inside to try it out, and the rest is history.  It turns out that with a few minimal changes I could change the entire look of my guest bathroom. Here's what it looked like before (click here).

All I needed was some new towels....

A new rug...


This one I scored on Joss and Main.  It's my first purchase with them. It was a good price and the delivery was extra fast (despite the estimated shipping date that was given).  It's also available here.

And a new spruced up place to put the extra rolls of toilet paper.  It actually took me longer to find this than anything else. I found the right thing at Pottery Barn, but refused to pay $24.99 for a place to store toilet paper.  

Guess where it finally surfaced?  Where else?  Goodwill (for $0.99).  A little gold spray paint and some guest towels....

And there you have it!

I'm amazed by how the smallest changes can make a huge difference.

See what I mean? Happy Monday!

"A Scandalous Space"

I love Thursdays.  Not just because it’s Friday eve, but lately because it’s the day that ABC’s Scandal come on.   I literally have to schedule my entire evening routine around that show.  And, from the looks of my social media feeds, timelines and posts, I’m clearly not the only one.
Olivia Pope has the absolutely best style.
People Stylewatch

And while I love the clothes and those coats (oh the coats)......
I’m even more intrigued by the well-designed spaces featured on the show.  For example, have you noticed how simply cozy her apartment seems to be?  It’s typically dimly lit and she’s usually sitting in a comfy spot in deep thought, or nestled snug in her luxurious bed on the phone with Fitz.

via Pink Eggshell

Speaking of her bedroom, It’s really not a look that’s all that difficult to achieve.

As revealed by Kimberly Ward on the Pink Eggshell blog back in October, the bedding is actually available to the masses at West Elm. 

West Elm

Even better than that, it's on sale for 50% off!



Similar lamps are totally get-able at Kirkland's.  I love that what's bedside isn't totally symmetrical.  It's so "real".


And, a tufted headboard can be yours pretty easily from Target.com (available in a variety of colors).


So maybe having an Olivia Pope bedroom won't get you a drama-filled Olivia Pope life (not that you'd want it), it can make for a very cozy, luxurious and reasonably affordable space.

Happy Friday #Gladiators!

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"Exciting News: Best Of Award!"

Monday afternoon amid the Presidential Inauguration festivities, I randomly checked my email (as I obsessively do throughout the day) and noticed a new email with the Subject:  Houzz Unveils 2013 "Best of Houzz" Winners.  Needless to say, I couldn't get the email open quick enough.  It began...

Hi Dwell by Cheryl Interiors and congratulations,...
At that point I literally squealed with excitement and almost dropped my Ipad.  You can imagine how the remainder of the correspondence went.  So, I'm excited to share with you all that Dwell by Cheryl has been voted by the Houzz community, a winner of the Best of Houzz 2013 awards!

houzz interior design ideas

I won in both the Design and Customer Satisfaction categories!  I'm told that my portfolio includes some of the most popular images on Houzz in 2012!  I was also ranked highly in customer satisfaction among Houzz's 11 million monthly users.

You all agreed that the nursery was your favorite Dwell by Cheryl project and apparently Houzzers agree.

This project was the look selected in the Design category. How cool is that?  I guess what's most pleasing to me is that my projects are featured along side projects that have budgets that I'm sure would make my client's budgets seem like child's play.  It just goes to show you that it doesn't HAVE to cost a fortune to create a beautiful home.

You can see my award-winning work (I like the sound of that) along with the other Top 10 looks in this "Best of" ideabook: Best of Houzz 2013 (Kids)

I can't say enough great things about Houzz.  It is shaping up to be my #1 source for new clients, and I couldn't be more grateful for the exposure.  If you're not familiar with Houzz, you MUST check it out.  I blogged about it HERE.  There are literally over 1,000,000 images of beautifully designed and decorated spaces.  The perfect place to get inspired.  Not to mention, the functionality on the Houzz app is superb. 

Be sure to follow me if you join, and check out the cool badge I've been granted on my profile page.  : )

houzz interior design ideas

Special thanks to all of my clients who said such wonderful things about me, that helped me to gain the Customer Satisfaction distinction.  Check them out...


Super special thanks to Stacey and Brian Spillers for trusting me with their firstborns dwelling place.

BTW, still having problems leaving a comment.  Maybe this will help.  Here's a sample of where you need to click (see the arrows).

"Color and Country"

Politics aside, you've got to admit the Presidential Inauguration is always so exciting.  Of course, I'm one of those people that loves formality and tradition, pomp and circumstance so no surprise I love events like these. 

I was struck by all of the fabulous color at the festivities...

From Mrs. Obama's gloves (and beautiful coat) to the first daughter's violet delights and Kelly Clarkson's burgundy, it was practically a purple palooza. 

However, what struck me even more was the color selection at the Luncheon.  Honestly, I had the TV on at that point but wasn't really watching until, I looked up and I noticed the most beautiful orange roses.

ABC News


 They were absolutely divine.  And even more interesting was the turquoise silk table linens with which they were paired. 

"Strange color combo for an Inauguration event", I thought.  But then I remembered that while they were planning this event, the Pantone Color of the Year was Tangerine Tango.


NBC News

Nevertheless, whatever their reason for the color selection, it is a beautiful combination.  One that works equally as well in residential spaces.

Did you notice anything interesting during the day's events?  Leave me a comment.  I'd love to hear from you!

"He Did...So I Could"

Celebrating the Life and Legacy


January 15, 1929 - April 4, 1968

"Too Much Inspiration"

I'm about a month away from being ready to pull the trigger on a new sofa.  I had a feeling me and the slipcover weren't going to work out, I mentioned it HERE.   I'm just way to anal for all that disarray.  Being that I love old things, I'm pretty sure I'm going vintage and getting it reupholstered.  I just think you get a better product in the end because it's true what they say, "They just don't make things like they used to." 

I've been trying to avoid even looking yet out of fear that I'd find something before I'm ready to buy.  But, I couldn't resist.  Let's just say I'm getting inspired.  Unfortunately, for some reason I'm having a hard time deciding which direction I want to go. 

Here are a few of the options I'm thinking about. 

1.  Tufted.  I think we all know how much I love tufting.  It's just classic. 

Craigslist Charlotte

This option is a great price on Craigslist, my go-to for great deals on vintage furniture.  Funny that often people don't know what they have.  You  might find something like this listed under "button back" couch.  By the way, this is a sofa not a couch.  So if you search online auction sites be sure to search under layman's terms. 

Anyway, I could totally see it turned into something like these....

2.  French.  I also love the tufting with a bit of a French flair, that would pair well with my wing chair that I blogged about HERE.
Charlotte Craigslist
I know, it looks disgusting now, but look what it could become....

3.  Vintage Iconic. I thought it was hilarious that this beauty was listed as a Duncan Fife couch.  It's a Duncan Phyfe sofa.  The owner can call it whatever they like because it's a total steal.

I love the idea of taking this true antique look and updating it with a fresh fabric....

Absolute perfection!

4.  Timeless.  Of course, I could always go with something simple and classic like this....

Charlotte Craigslist

And then jazz it up with a rich velvet like this...

or even velvet with contrasting piping like this...

See my dilemma?  I guess there is a such thing as too much inspiration.  Whatever I decide, I'm taking it to my new upholstery guy of Baity's Custom Upholstery.  He's fab.  If you're in the NC/SC area, I'd highly recommend him. Check him out HERE

Happy Friday!!
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