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"Back to the Drawing Board"

Happy Monday y'all! Hopefully your weekend was more fun-filled than mine.  I spent the majority of it held up in the drafting room at school. 

All alone, just me and my music.  It was actually sort of nice.  I'm in the process of working on my final project which includes completing a full set of residential drawings. 

I've been buried under foundation, floor and electrical plans, wall and building sections and my personal favorite, kitchen and bath elevations.  Urgh!  The good news is, when you're the only one taking advantage of the end of semester extended lab hours, you get to take selfies in the restroom when you need a break. 

How's that for weekend entertainment?  Lol!
I really shouldn't complain, I got quite a bit done. 

Of course, all of that leaning over a drafting table for hours at a time did a number on my poor back.  Only one more week and I can put a fork in it. 
I think I can, I think I can....

Fond Farewell: "The Woman Who Thinks She Can"

It is with sincere sadness that I announce the loss of yet another great intern.  I know, I should be excited.  After all, she's graduating from college and starting the next phase of her life, but I have to admit I really hate to see her go.  I've been so blessed to have had the pleasure of working with some great interns.  However, the problem with interns is their internship eventually ends.

From the first day we met, Anna has exhibited a keen sense of style.


It's been so awesome having her to bounce ideas off and to get a very honest second opinion.  Because she has such a great eye and nothing really to lose, she's pushed me to take a few more risks than I would've in several recent projects.  Sometimes you just need a little design nudge from someone who "gets it".

As a senior design student, I've relied on Anna for much of the technical aspects of my projects. She's a wiz at Auto CAD, a course I haven't completed yet, and it's been nice to not have to worry about producing layouts for projects.

She's a little chick, but worth her weight in gold on install days.  We've spent many an evening loading our cars to the max with fab finds for my clients.

She's also become the resident detagger.  You'd be surprised how much time it takes to remove all the tags from products we've sourced, many of which seem to be permanently affixed.

I will truly miss Anna, including her laid back yet positive attitude and her ability to help me lighten up a little.

Anna, the sky is the limit.  I'll tell you like my Mom always told me...

Yes you can!  Go get 'em!





ReStore Guest Post: Go-To Accessory

Hope you all had an awesome Easter!  I'm over on the Metrolina ReStore's blog, sharing another one of my go-to accessories that happens to be plentiful at the Habitat ReStores. 

Here's a little hint...

Click HERE to link to the post.  Happy Monday!

"Craigslist Sofa Makeover #2"

First off, thanks so much for all of your kinds words on my latest client project reveal post.  You have no idea how much it means to receive positive feedback from my readers.  It sounds like you guys like this one as much as I do.

Well, I'm back with a follow up post on the sofa transformation that was included in the project. 

During the initial consultation, as soon as I saw the space, I knew we had to incorporate a seating area.  Because my clients had two small children, I wanted to opt for a small sofa instead of chairs.  I could imagine them piled up spending quality time with one another.

I knew it needed to be a full sofa, not a loveseat.  However, because it was for a bedroom I wanted to keep the scale on the smaller side.  I fell in love with this Society Social option, but it was a little pricey for our budget.

Society Social

Enter Craigslist.  I've been known to spend far too much time perusing the endless options of furniture and home decor on Craigslist.  I do it because so often you can find gems (sometimes hidden) at unbelievable prices.

Exhibit A:

I saw this posted for $75 and knew it was the one.  What?  You don't see it?  It had  (a.) the perfect shape and (b.) scale for the space and minus a few buttons, it (c.)looked a lot like the inspiration piece and it was (d.) the perfect price.

I sketched up a quick, very rough drawing (adding inside tufting, removing the back cushions and raising the height of the sofa) and sent it to my upholsterer Mark of Baity's Custom Upholestry and the rest is history.  He's an absolute genius.   He approved my selection and got to work transforming my of Craigslist find. He's always great about posting progress pictures on his Facebook page.  I always love that part.

Via Baity's Custom Upholestry Facebook Page
By the day of the install, he had transformed the relic into something amazing. Don't you agree?

From far away the sofa reads as gray, but it's actually black and cream.  I think the fabric selection was perfection, if I do say so myself.  Shout out to my fabric supplier Nancy for her help. 

I have to admit, this is the first makeover where I left a little green.  I would kill to have a space like this in my bedroom.

Of course, I'd probably never leave home.  Mark also provided the custom storage ottoman that serves as the coffee table and an absolutely gorgeous upholestered headboard with wings and brass nailhead trim.

Want to see the full reveal from this space?  Click HERE.  Interested in Craigslist Sofa Makeover #1? (Click to Link)

And just because we all love a good before and after....

TDC Before and After

Modern Master Client Project Reveal!

Well, it's my absolute favorite day, REVEAL DAY!  I can't tell you how excited I am to share this project with you.  And again, I know I say this every  time, but I think this one may be my favorite of all time.

I guess if you think about it, that's basically the point; to get better at it each time. 

I had the best time working with my clients, they were so awesome. Not to mention, very hands off, which I really like.  I think they are proof of what you get when you trust your decorator. 

We debated over which space to begin with in their home and settled on the master bedroom.  I mean, who doesn't want a nice retreat to come home to? After only being in the home for a short while, the family decided it was best to get some help making their new house a home.

It began pretty much as an empty shell....

We started by giving the space an update with a cool (and very popular) gray called Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore.  The paint color alone did wonders. 

 The addition of lush upholstered pieces and accents of green make the space a perfect retreat.  The homeowner's also had some fabulous antiques that I was excited to work into the design.

I love mixing in old pieces of furniture even in a modern space.  They provide that collected over time look that is so very warm and appealing. I was slightly obsessed with the tall storage piece at the far end of the room.  I knew it had promise, but needed a way to make it pop.

The power of social media led me to one of my Instagram friends leftover green trellis wallpaper that was the perfect addition to the back of the cabinet.
We wanted to make sure we protected the client's family piece so we actually wallpapered cardboard, cut it to size and slipped it into place before reinstalling the shelves.
Worked like a charm.
Isn't it amazing what paint and drapery can do?  The clients requested a workspace in the room so we added in a killer secretary that I secretly wanted to keep for myself.
And last but certainly not least is this custom, down, tufted sofa.  I mean, seriously?   It deserves its own blog post, so I'll be back later this week to tell you all about it.
In the adjoining bath we just spruced things up with a fresh coat of paint, new mirrors, accessories and a huge clock that makes a big statement.

We're still waiting on a couple of the client's art pieces to be framed for the bathroom.  Even still, I think it's a vast improvement.

So, what do you think?  I'm dying to know if you like this one as much as I do.  Drop me a comment below. 

Special thanks
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