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One Room Challenge Week 6: "The Reveal"

Today's the day!  It's reveal day and I'm so excited to share with you the finished project for this year's Fall One Room Challenge!  But first, if you need to catch up, you can do so by clicking the posts below:

The fifth and final step in our design process is the installation.  It's the step where all the hard work and planning pays off with the unveiling of a dream space for our client.  Today that client is ME and I'm almost as excited as they usually are on the big day. 

Here's a look back at the space as I first found it.  A little rough around the edges but definitely 
full of potential. 

Before we could get to the decorating fun, I needed to sure up the foundational elements of the project. 
Here are the selections for the aesthetic improvements we made to the space.   

In addition to resurfacing the fireplace, installing wood floors and new trim, reclaimed wood beams were added to draw the eye up to the second level windows and vaulted ceiling.  They instantly added more character and a more rustic vibe fitting for the home's mountain environment.  

I landed on one of Sherwin Williams' new Emerald Designer Edition colors called Simple Stone.  It's a beautiful neutral with a hint of green that draws in just enough color from the outdoors, making a subtle reference to nature while working perfectly with the colors in my design scheme.    

Take a look at how it all came together...

Wall/Ceiling Color: Sherwin Williams Simple Stone/Marshmallow,  Wallpaper: Thibaut Winslow Plaid
Drapery/Door Fabric: Thibaut Grassmarket Check (Beige)Sectional: Wesley Hall Perreti
Animal Hide: HPMKT Antique and Design Center, Plant & Florals: NDI Protea and Fiddle leaf 
Mantel Mirror: Uttermost NylaCandlesticks: Wildwood Antler Hall Candlesticks 

Take a moment to pan around the room (use your cursor for a quick 360 view) to take it all in.  One of my favorite elements is the addition of upholstered bi-fold doors on the small two closets in the living space.   Y'all know I love an upholstered door.  We used the same Thibaut fabric from the drapery to provide connectivity and amped them up with hardware from Charlotte's own, Addison Weeks. 

Am I the only one who wants to dive onto that velvet sectional and curl up with someone special (or even a good Netflix series for that matter 😂 )?

On the opposite side of the space lives the dining area.  I love setting a table and entertaining, so a more formal look seemed to resonate with me.  The only thing I knew going in was that I was using the Dowel Furniture Murdock table and my Cumberland settee from my collections with 
Sylvester Alexander.  

Here's a look at the space before. 

We continued the paint color, beams and window treatments in this area and here it is...

Wall Color: Sherwin Williams' Simple Stone/Marshmallow,  Dining Chairs: Designmaster's Richfield Side Chair, 
Settee Fabric: Brentwood TextilesConsole Table: Modern History Console, Chandelier: Currey and Company Lauritz, Sconces: Wildwood Franklin Arm Sconce Art: Leftbank Art Massacre and Palette Prose Series VII by Kelly O'Neal,  
Animal Figurine:  Chelsea House Leopard Table Centerpiece: NDI Faux Bois Moss Mound

The art makes a huge statement in the space. Both pieces are from my friend Kelly O'Neal's collection with Leftbank Art.  Take a closer look around with the panoramic view below and try to resist the urge to pour yourself a cocktail from that amazing Duncan Corner Cabinet by Highland House.

Y'all, I love it all so much.  What a fun project this has been.  I read this quote recently in 
Glennon Doyle's book Untamed...

“As every architect and designer knows there’s a critical step between vision and reality.  Before imagination becomes 3-dimensional, it usually needs to become 2-dimensional. It’s as though the unseen order needs to come to life one dimension at a time.” 

I said from the very beginning that my dreams need detail, so with this ORC project I set out to get really specific about where I'm heading.  If my dream of owning a mountain home is one dimension and this project is the second, you know what's next.  Let's make this a reality.  

Until then...

Digital Renderings by Duke Renders

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One Room Challenge Week 5: "Form and Function"

 Hi there!  I'm back for Week Five of the Fall 2020 One Room Challenge as we approach the final reveal.  If it's your first time visiting, be sure to catch up on the following posts:

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Week 4- In the Details

Today, I'm sharing a few of my major selections with you but first, check this out...

When designing a space for myself or our clients, it's important to keep in mind that form and function are both extremely important.  We often begin with the larger impact pieces and build from there.  Let's check some of those out!


Living Room Side
Dining Room Side


The art drove the color scheme for the space so let's begin here.  This maroon and blush abstract caught my eye at High Point Market a year ago and had remained in my camera roll ever since. I love the warmth and femininity of this piece and seemed the perfect jumping off point for my design.  It's called "In Thought" from Wendover Art and I think it'll be the perfect focal point in the living space.  


For this home, I knew I wanted to lean in to comfort with a sectional.  I loved the Wesley Hall Peretti Sectional the moment I saw it on the showroom floor.  I'm sitting on it HERE in this video.  It's a bit of a departure from the sofa at my primary residence and leans a little more modern than my typical.  We've opted for it in a beautiful berry velvet that will definitely up the glam factor.  

The bumper chaise option provides a great alternative to a traditional sofa chaise because the additional seat-back functions as a seat and a chaise.  


I wanted to intentionally add elements that spoke to the environment.  This Forest Chandelier from Currey and Company stuck just the right note providing a glamorous, yet rustic vibe all at once. 


Dining Room Side


This Murdock dining table has been on my mind since I first saw my friends from Dowel Furniture and their licensee Mally Skok debut it at High Point Market in 2018.  I love the rich wood finish and the scalloped edge. The length is customizable and it's going to be just what the
dining space in my project needs.  


I've been a fan of Designmaster Furniture since using them in my own home for the last ORC.  Since then, we've placed them in several homes and they NEVER disappoint.  I love the metal finish on the legs of this Richfield Side Chair.


I felt the need to add a bar in the space and this Highland House corner cabinet is just perfection.  The idea of having a cabinet tucked nicely in a corner is genius and I'm obsessed with the finish on this one. 


Lastly, using my own piece from the Belle by Cheryl Luckett collection for Sylvester Alexander is a no-brainer at this point.  The Cumberland is a classic wingback settee and adds just the right amount of tradition to the space.  Stay tuned to see the fabric selection on this one.  

Next week is the BIG week, so be sure to check back on Wednesday.   Until then, be sure to check out the other featured designers who are participating.

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One Room Challenge Week 4 - "In the Details"

Hey! Hey! Hey!  I'm back! 

Thanks for checking in on the project's progress.  Again, if you're new, be sure to check out my previous posts linked below in the series to get all caught up.

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Get the scoop on what I've been working on over the past week in this week's video...


So that's Step 4 of our process.  I'm having a blast picking the final details in my project. 
Next week, I'll be sharing my favorite furniture selections in the project and I'm also giving you a sneak peek into what's coming.  Stay tuned and be sure to check out the other Featured Designers...

One Room Challenge Week 3 - "Heigh Ho.."

Heigh ho, heigh ho, it's off to market we go. 🎵

Welcome back!  We'll, we've reached the sourcing portion of the project when it's finally time to pick all the pretty things.  But first...if you're new here, be sure to check out our previous posts to get caught up. 

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Check out the video below to get the latest and to learn why we source product at High Point Market twice each year.  

After a super productive trip to High Point, I'm now back in the office pulling together all of the selections we've made.  I fell in love with so many items at High Point Market, but not all of them will make the cut.  Here's a look at just a few...

Faux Antlers from Chelsea House 

Side Chair from Wesley Hall

Ottoman from Norwalk Furniture

Hide Rug from Antiques & Design Center

Thibaut Wallpaper

Corner Cabinet from Highland House 

Once I've made decisions, the final selections will be compiled and sent off to our rendering artist to create a picture of the space that we'll be working on. 

As mentioned in the video, this step in the process is critical because it helps to create and communicate a visual of the vision we have for our client's homes.  

Be sure to check out my behind the scenes videos from High Point Market! 

And if you're like me, you can't wait to see what the other designers are up to this week! 

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One Room Challenge Week 2 - "Mountain Magic"

Welcome back friends! I'm super excited about this week's post because today I'm revealing the space I'll be designing for this fall's One Room Challenge!  Before we get started...if you're joining for the first time this week, be sure to check out my week one post, "Dreams Need Detail" to get caught up.  

This week, I'm taking you inside to get the first look at my Mountain Magic dream home project.  

As I searched for properties to serve as the inspiration for this project, I wanted to find something with built-in character and this property DID NOT disappoint.  Yeah ok, so it's not in the best condition, but the bones sure are good.   Check out the video below to learn more about the space I'm tackling and where the design process begins.  

Get a closer look at the space and our preliminary plans below.


View upon entry

Living Space 

Living Space

Dining Space

The mood for the space is warm, cozy and a little fancy.  I'm a pink girl- through and through- so I want to play those hues up in my getaway without being overly girly.  Juxtaposed with dark rick woods and stone, I think it will work! 


I've not completely settled on the layout for the dining space but I know there will be a table and a settee from my furniture line with High Point vendor, Sylvester Alexander.  

Typically we move from this step to the budget/proposal phase.  In my case, there is no budget (Yay!🎉) so only a needs list was developed during this step.  It will help us as we travel to High Point Market later this week to specify items for the project (among other things).


So there's the plan!  Be sure to follow along on social media this weekend to get all the behind the scenes of our trip to furniture market.  The abbreviated schedule is going to make for a world-wind of a trip.  Stay tuned!

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