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"Center of Attraction"

Often one of the most overlooked aspects of decorating is the dining table.  If not formal, it's the place where we gather day in and day out for meal after meal and the center of the table can often go overlooked.  To deny your dining table a centerpiece is a huge missed opportunity.  But most of us struggle when it comes to identifying the best way to decorate our daily dining space and often neglect the formal one, figuring that selecting the right centerpiece is just too complicated.  I've gathered a few great examples to hopefully inspire you. 

Here are three tips to keep in mind:
  • Keep it simple.  Your centerpiece doesn't need to be huge and elaborate and screaming 1980. 

Atmosphere Interior Design via Houzz

A Happy Place Called Home

  • Often the best and most creative centerpieces are created with items you already have.

My Romantic Home blog via Houzz

Young House Love

Why not corral your wine corks or those shells from last summer's beach vacation to create a unique centerpiece or tablescape perfect for everyday. 

  • We know how much I love fresh flowers.  Why not turn your fresh flowers into a beautiful dried arrangement?  Hydrangeas work really well. 


Full Bloom Cottage Blog

 So, bring a fresh perspective to your dining table.  It's easier than you might think. 

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7 Comments - Click here to join the conversation!:

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Great post! I know you are featuring centerpieces, but the black wall is absolutely beautiful.

Dwell by Cheryl said... Reply To This Comment

Yes it is!

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Love this post because I'm a fan of a nice dining room table, but I have a few questions about table runners. Are they supposed to be purely decorative or can you use them during the meal like a center place mat? How long are they supposed to be(overhang or no)?
Thanks, Margie

Dwell by Cheryl said... Reply To This Comment

I wasn't able to find any etiquette do's/don'ts on runners. I will say that use mine as a center placemat during meal time. I did find an article that you may find interesting....http://www.overstock.com/guides/how-to-use-table-runners Hope this helps.

April said... Reply To This Comment

Maybe that's what I should do with the wine corks. I've been saving mine for YEARS to make a cork board and/or platter but have never done it!

Dwell by Cheryl said... Reply To This Comment

April, I've got a lot of them stored up too! I was thinking about a serving tray or coasters. Guess I better head over to Pinterest for ideas. Lol!

Kim said... Reply To This Comment

Another great post!! Love the centerpiece ideas.

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