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"Coloring Outside the Lines"

Because the blog, business, school and work have me running like a crazy person, I've had to resign from my position as 3rd and 4th Grade Sunday School teacher.  I'm going to miss the kids so much.  This past Sunday they gave me a stack of cards they made to wish me well. 

Here are a few of them....

So cute, even if my name is spelled wrong and I'm not a "Mrs." yet.

 I love this one.  Read the caption at the top.  It's from a former client's kid. "Thx for putting decoration on are house."  So cute!

This one had me at Pink and Green....

I so admire kid's creativity and their willingness to color outside of the lines.  Honestly, I'm considering framing a few of my favorites.  It's actually being done in some pretty sophisticated ways these days.  Check out these great examples....

Isabella & Max

Centsational Girl

Canvas Press

Emily A. Clark
 Thanks to all the kids in the 3rd & 4th Grade class at The Park.  I'll miss you guys!

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