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"The Master Makeover: Week 1"

Hi Strangers!

I've been MIA recently but I have great excuses, really I do.  I've been swamped with great and exciting things.

For starters, since we last chatted I appeared on WBTV's Bounce TV to promote the Habitat ReStore's latest Blogger's Field Trip. 

We traveled to Hickory (my favorite place EVER) this time and it didn't disappoint.  For more on that little adventure you'll have to follow the ReStore blog at www.metrolinarestores.org/blog.

Thanks to the Metrolina Expo's Vintage & Antiques Show, I found myself in this month's Charlotte Home and Garden Magazine.  Yep! 

And now, in addition to working on the sweetest nursery EVER....

I'm currently running around trying to complete my master bedroom makeover in a mere three weeks.  An amazing opportunity presented itself last week and it requires that I tie up some loose ends around the house. 

There's nothing really wrong with my bedroom, it just no longer resonates with me. I decided to give it a bit of an update and blogged about it HERE.  Now, that the timeline has been bumped up a bit, I thought I'd chronicle the process here on the blog.  It was actually my friends idea but a great one nonetheless.

Each week, I'll check in with you guys to let you know my progress. 

For purposes of review, here's where the plan began. 

Week 1:

Ok, I've already had to veer from the original plan.  First, there wasn't enough fabric to get a custom tufted headboard and two sets of drapery panels.  So, I had to hit the road to find a new option.  I also changed the chair from a khaki wing back to a gray one and added these beautiful nesting tables I scored at the Habitat ReStore in Hickory to the plan.

So here's the good news....

I couldn't be happier with the fabric selections.

The embroidered trellis fabric is for the drapes and the crosshatch patterned fabric is for the custom ottomans.  I'll be using the animal print for Euro shams and of the Pyne Hollyhock that I blogged about HERE is the headboard, a bolster and a throw pillow for the wing back. 

The chair actually got picked up this weekend and is currently getting made over along with the nursery project rocker. 

Now here's the bad news....

I looked high and low for two chest of drawers, cabinets or demilune tables to flank my bed.  I mean high and low.  So needless to say when I spotted these beauties I was super excited, especially since there was a 30% off sale going on.  Much to my disappointment they had a little white tag hanging off them that read, "This Item is on LAYAWAY". 

What!!!???  Are you kidding me.  I could've cried.  They are exactly what I wanted and they'd look perfect with my new nesting tables. Unfortunately, they were taken and the hunt continues. 

I did manage to decide on a wall color, I think.  I'm leaning heavily to Oatbran by Valspar.

I need a little more fiber in my diet anyway.  Until next time...

Pinch Pleats and Penney's

My Grandma's house was always so nice and clean and well put together. She wasn't a plastic on the sofa type of lady but we certainly had spaces where we knew what our boundaries were.  She absolutely loved JCPenney, or Penney's as she called it. 

We spent countless Saturdays roaming around that store.  Of course I was fine with it as long as it meant I got something new and pretty, but when it came to the home section....total snooze fest. 

Well, they say apples don't fall far from the tree, and they're right.  After recently coming to grips with the fact that my coral kitchen drapery really needed to have a lining added, I started to rethink them all together. 

Sure, I liked having the pop of color.  I even coordinated my painted garage entry door to match, but lately I've been craving the more subdued. 

I decided to just look around to explore my options.  Funny thing is, when I think decent quality, ready-made drapes I automatically think JCP.  I'm sure it has something to do with all of those Saturdays. 


I have to admit after a short time on the JCP.com website I'd found more than a few good neutral options.  But I was sold when I stumbled upon these new pinch-pleated back-tabbed panels.  Nothing says custom like pinch pleats, and the fact that they had a back tab meant no extra hardware would be required and that = $money in the bank.

The great thing about these drapes is that in addition to various lengths, they also come in a variety of widths.  That was perfect for me considering four of the panels I needed were for the bay window and really only needed to be half width. 

So, I pulled the trigger and ordered them....only to discover they were backordered until March.  Of course they were, I thought.  Well, let's just say they were worth the wait.

I'm loving the more sophisticated look.  The drapes even inspired me to upgrade my rug.  I purchased an old faithful from Rugs USA.  I actually already had an oval version of the same rug in front of the sink.

I'd loved it so much that as soon as the 6" X 9' was no longer backordered, I jumped on it.  You can find it HERE
There's still lots to do in this space, but I'm pretty pleased with the results.
Now it's on to the patio.  Can't wait to share what's going on there. 

"Design Bloggers Conference 2015: The Recap"

I'll be honest, I've been procrastinating writing this blog post for over a week now.  Mainly because I knew it would be so very difficult to some up such an impactful experience.  How do you put into words an event that each year touches you at your very core?  Well, I guess this is my attempt. 
On February 25th, for the third year in a row, I traveled to the annual Design Bloggers Conference.  According to their website,  "The Design Bloggers Conference is the only conference specifically focused on the interests of bloggers on interior design.  They focus on showing you "how to build a stellar personal brand for yourself, your blog, and your design career."  I can certainly attest to the fact that their claims are indeed true.
I've loved this conference since I first attended in 2013 when it was hosted in LA as and I had literally just launched my business and blog.  Now, after three years, I return to reconnect with my design friends and learn nearly more than my little brain can take in.
Ruthie Staalsen of DecRenew Interiors
This year's conference took place in Atlanta in the midst of an impending snow storm that thankfully never happened.  Unfortunately, it did keep design great Alexa Hampton from making it in.  Lucky for us, she was fantastic via FaceTime and so very real.  It was an awesome kick-off on the eve of the conference.   
Thursday morning and the Currey and Company stage was set and I'm sure I don't need to tell you who was front and center.  My parents taught me well.  

Let's just say, getting up early to grab a great seat is pretty easy when Nate Berkus is kicking things off. 

Nate's presentation focused on permission. I know, I know, that's what we thought too, but this was one of the most moving keynote addresses.  Something about his words rang so true to me.  Here are the highlights:
  1. Give yourself permission to take that design risk.
  2. Give yourself permission to be honest about what you want and need and maybe more what you don't.
  3. Replace perfect with permission.  Nothing is ever perfect.  In fact, things and people are often better when they're not.
  4. Give yourself permission to believe you are inspiring.
...And realize that the only permission you've ever really needed is your own.  (Say that again!)

Take a listen, you just have to hear him yourself...

Marcus Sheridan spoke to us regarding content marketing and branding and reminded us that it all boils down to trust.  He challenged us to answer the questions that people really want to know, like "How much does an Interior Decorator cost?"  (No worries, I'm working on it.)
Another highlight from Day 1 was meeting and hearing from THE Bunny Williams.  You may know her from her recent collaboration with Ballard Designs.
Bunny is just plain epic.  She encouraged us to get out in order to get inspired.  Inspiration is truly all around us. 
As if that weren't enough, how can you not enjoy a conference where you get to meet HGTV stars like the Kitchen Cousins.
And I have to admit that the after-party's weren't too shabby either.

Day two kicked off with the super gifted, self-taught, Brian Patrick Flynn of Flynside Out Productions.  This dude has more energy than the energizer bunny, but boy is he talented.  He shared with us some of the most searched interior design terms, like:
  • "Small Space Design"
  • "Basement Decorating"
  • "Painted Wood Floors"
He then encouraged us to produce content in those areas. 
Another highlight of the conference was getting to hear from a couple of my Charlotte design friends, Traci Zeller and Lisa Mende.  They, along with the creators of The Design Camp, shared their insights on the power of collaboration and coined the term "swife"- studio wife and the hashtag- #collaborationnation. So fun!
Lori, Traci, Kelli and Lisa
I had been waiting all day to hear from one of my favorites, Stacy Kunstel a.k.a. Stacy Style and the duchess of Dunes and Duchess.  This lady is the absolute sweetest EVER!  Oh, and she just happens to be an amazing interior design stylist.  Yep, she's the one behind the scenes making all of those lovely magazine photos look the way they do. Believe it or not, she shared some of her tricks of the trade with us.  It's all about:
  1. Angle
  2. Light
  3. Accessories

I can't wait to try out some of her techniques. 

Closing out the conference were two young ladies who were so very inspiring, Kika Gilbert and Bekka Palmer.  Bekka shared an awesome presenation all about authenticty.  The slide that stuck with me most was this...

How impactful is that?  That's my goal, to "ooze" Dwell by Cheryl.

And of course there was another fabulous after party!

Jullianne of Taylor Burke Home

Following the conference I attended an event sponsored by The Highboy at a local antiques shop that included a panel discussion on the future of antiques in Southern design. The best part of the evening was meeting up with the author of my favorite design book, In With the Old, Jennifer Boles.
Jennifer Boles, author and creator of The Peak of Chic blog
At the end of the day though, the thing that keeps me coming back to DBC each year is always hanging out with like-minded, talented, fashionable and super-fun people who were cut from the same cloth you were. 

Nursery Project: On the Books!

Hey y'all! 

It's been a minute so I thought I'd pop in with a couple of updates.  For starters, last week I attended the 2015 Design Blogger Conference in Atlanta for the third consecutive year.  It's hard to believe that it gets better every time, but it does.  If you follow me on social media you likely already know what a great time I had.  Here's a hint for those of you who don't....

I'll be back with a full roundup from the event.  Until then, I had to share with you that my next project is officially on the books.  I'm so excited!  Of all of the spaces that I'm asked to decorate, without a doubt, kid spaces are my favorite.  I love that you can approach their projects with fun in mind.  Of all the kid spaces to tackle, nurseries are my favorite.  You'd be surprised, but I don't get many calls to design nurseries.  I think it's the on room parent's feel like they can handle themselves.  Let's just say I'm beyond thrilled to get to work on one.

I presented the design plan last night, they loved it and this project is officially on the books.  This one's going to be fun!
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