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Habitat ReStore Post: ReStore Strat

...so click on the graphic above to be redirected.  I'm sharing my strategy for finding great deals at the Habitat Restore

Don't miss this one.

Habitat ReStore Bloggers Field Trip #2

Hi there!  Hope you guys had a fabulous weekend.  I was up and at 'em early on Saturday for our second Habitat Bloggers field trip.  We always have such a blast. 
Metrolina ReStore bloggers: Donna Scott, Lauren Shaw, me, Rachel Sutherland and Jennifer Burnham (not pictured)
I'm usually not the biggest fan of group shopping, but I must say this group is pretty compatible.  We all appreciate vintage, but in very unique ways.  More to come on that later, as we intend to capitalize on that uniqueness with a few local events.  Stay tuned...

This trip took us north to the Habitat ReStore of Cabarrus County in Kannapolis. 
We were there when the doors opened and couldn't wait to get started scouring the place for good deals.  Needless to say I found a few.
Let's start with this lovely lilac Louis XV  fauteuil arm chair.  They had me at contrast piping, in ticking (classic cotton stripe) nonetheless.  This beauty was in pristine condition.  A little spot cleaning and it would be like new.  
I have to say the $87 tag seemed a little pricey....
 That is until you search around the web and find an image like this one....
Via Houzz: Kids

Then, you're quickly snapped back into reality and you realize that if that $87 price tag was on a chair at another location, you'd be making a mad dash to the register to check out before the store manager changed their mind. 
Then there was this beauty I spotted from the front door. What girl can resist a sparkly chandelier? This picture doesn't do it justice.  It packs some serious bling.  I liked the fact that it didn't require wiring, as it was a plug in variety and the linear shape made it very unique.
I could totally see it used as a bedside lamp creating great ambiance in the boudoir. 
IF my Mom reads this post, she'll be asking me to go back and get this fireplace.  I know, it doesn't look like much now, but this piece was screaming for a coat of paint, and to have that decorative wood piece removed.  Honestly, this time of year, I'm surprised it was still there. 
I LOVE an electric fireplace.  I think they add so much warmth (literally and figuratively) and architectural interest to a space.  I have one in my master and it's the perfect solution for cold mornings when you don't want to get out of bed. 
Look past the unattractive finish and imagine what this could be.  Don't see it?
How 'bout now?
See, with a little vision (or a smart phone and Google), you can score some amazing deals at the Habitat Restores.  Have you been to a Restore lately?

"Follow Friday: AC Interiors"

It's been a wild week over this way.  I returned from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics annual conference and things have been chaotic ever since.

I was so excited to get to spend a little time with my design friend Amanda of Amanda Carol Interiors on Sunday.  Amanda and I met back in March at the Design Bloggers Conference in LA. We had a blast!

Super sweet lady and even sweeter design skills.  I mean, check out this tablescape from her most recent blog post
Amanda Carol Interiors
LOVE!  And her portfolio is even better.  I love everything about these spaces....

You can check out Amanda's blog HERE.  And while you're at it, be sure to show her a little love on social media for me too. (click icons for direct links)
I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to connect with so many inspiring and supportive designers.  Just between us, Amanda is one of my favorites.  ; ).  Happy Friday!!

"Vicarious Inspiration"

It's another crazy busy week.  I promise I do have a few projects to share with you guys, if I can ever sit still long enough to photograph them. 

I'm actually attending a nutrition conference learning the latest and greatest in dietetics this week, but honestly I really hate I'm missing the High Point Furniture Market. 

I've been checking out all of the cool Instagram posts, living vicariously through my Instagram design friends, and thought I'd share a few of my favorites posts.
For starters, Holly of The English Room posted this purple and green space from Hickory Chair.  Love the color combination. 

via The English Room Instagram at Hickory Chair
Love the pop of green (Emerald is the color of the year) that Abbe of Studio Ten25 captured here. 
via StudioTen25 Instagram
Love everything about this space posted by Cozy Stylish Chic.

via Cozy Stylish Chic Instagram at Stanley Furniture

Traditional Home had it right when they titled this post, "double trouble".  Love this sleek alternative to the sofa-loveseat pairing.
Traditional Home at Baker Furniture

I fully intend to be at Market in the Spring. So much to see and take in. It's hard to imagine a better place to get inspired.

"On the Books"

Happy Friday y'all!  Today, I'm popping in to share the latest project on the books.  I'm super excited about this one.  We'll actually be finishing off several living spaces in the client's home, but the main project is the formal dining room.

The clients have just purchased this amazing dining set, that's going to provide a great jumping off point.

Restoration Hardware

Restoration Hardware

The room has recently been painted a smokey gray and the scheme for the project centers around a rich amethyst color.  This family isn't afraid of color or bling (they're my kind of people).  I almost fainting when they suggested graphic wallpaper for the powder bath.  Seriously had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming.  Yay!!

Anyway, I'm excited to get started on this one.  I'll keep you posted. Have a great weekend!

"A Few Updates"

I’ve been busy working on several clients this week and honestly haven’t had a lot of time to thing about the blog. I did want to post a couple of updates and share some exciting news.
First, several of you asked about the full view of my bar cart.  It actually wasn’t an oversight; I purposely didn’t include a frontal view.  You see, when I removed the drop leaf sides, I had to remove the screws that held it in place.  Unfortunately, that meant that I would be exposing the unfinished (unstained) wood underneath.  Urgh!  The best laid plans…
I did my best to stain it to match, but to no avail.  However, you asked for it, you got it.  Here’s a true before and after. 



In other news, AThoughtful Place blog regularly features a Friday Eye Candy post on her blog.  She hosts contest on Instagram and selects the featured photos from among the submissions.  Last week she asked her followers to submit their favorite Home Goods finds, so I posted this recent client project as my entry.

 Lo and behold, guess who made the Friday Eye Candy feature? 


Click HERE to see the others featured (I'm in great company)

Yep. And it gets better. Apparently Home Goods picked it up and decided to post the picture on their Instagram account for their 72,000 followers to view.  Whoa!! Needless to say I was (am) speechless. 
Wow! That’s a whole lotta "likes".  And these days, I could use a little....

"Project Bar Cart Complete"

I mentioned a few weeks ago, that I was bound and determined to fill the empty space in my living room with a bar cart.
I searched high and low, thinking I wanted something that looked like this, but I ended up scoring this much more traditional option on Craigslist.  
I'm pretty sure it's a tea cart, and I wasn't sure about it at first. I knew I'd want to remove the drop leaf sides so that I could display items underneath.  However, having the option to add them back when entertaining is an added bonus.  
Once I had the construction right, it was on to styling. 
Here's the thing, I'm actually not a big liquor drinker, so I wanted my bar accessories to be conducive for what I actually drink; wine.  I found a number of great really affordable accessories at the Metrolina Expo Antique and Collectibles Show, including this framed "cork board", gold rimmed cordial glasses and a fabulous Italian tray. 
I also picked up this gold bar tools set for $10.  I was SO EXCITED that it was gold. 
My favorite, without a doubt, was this $3.00 brass picture with a duck spout.  I couldn't resist.
I needed a place to store my wine glasses and preferred that they hang from underneath.  I found these gold under the cabinet wine glass holders for $3.50 on Ebay. Each holds 2-3 glasses and they were narrow enough for me to mount two behind the drawer on the underside of the cart. 
I also added some decorative paper to the drawer as liner. 

Go figure, Target had the perfect ice bucket and wine bottle rack for this project.  
And with that, project bar cart is a wrap, except maybe for the addition of a little liquor.

One project down, so many to go....

"Home Decorating Season"

In case you haven't heard, it's home decorating season.  This week I put another plan on the books. 
My latest project is a large family room that's in need of an update.  I'm most excited about the fact that the clients aren't afraid of color.  I see us using pops of teal and green, both drawn from this amazing Lee Jofa linen fabric called Perseus.
I've admired the rug we'll be using for a while now, so I'm excited to finally get to incorporate it into a space.  It's amazing how such a traditional motif can become so modern in a much larger scale.   
And so, it continues....

Happy Friday!

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