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"Gone Fishing"

Source Unknown

Well not really, but I am on vacation.  For the first time in six months of blogging, I'm taking a much needed ....

Via Cajun Delights

Don't worry, you'll survive.  I'm be back soon with:

  • Tips for making over your stairs
  • A D-I-Y project
  • Highlights from my summer trip home
Have a great weekend!

"Tell Dwell: Volume 2"

Recently in my first ever Tell Dwell post, I asked readers to send me their design dilemmas.  I received several and will attempt to answer a few here. 

This reader recently closed on her very first home and has been trying to figure out what to do about the built-ins surrounding the fireplace in her new living room.

Reader:  "The fireplace in the living room has built-in bookshelves on either side.  We really like the bookshelves, but the whole wall is so brown and we have laminate flooring which is more brown.  We've considered painting the bookshelves white, but that seems so extreme, plus we're not sure how white bookshelves would look next to the fireplace and if it doesn't look right it's a big fix!  Any suggestions??"

DBC:  This one actually isn't so easy, mainly because there are so many right answers.  For starters, I agree, it's too much brown.  The lack of variation in color makes it very blah. 

First, you could go with your first instinct and paint the cabinets white...

Piedmont Woodworks

I think it would lighten the whole feel of the room.  Like the example above, I would recommend leaving the cabinet tops unpainted and a complimentary color in the back of the built-in will add some depth.   This option is a pretty safe one.  It will solve the problem, but it won't give you anything to write home about. 

If you're willing to take a little bit of a risk, their are a few other options.....

Country Living Beach House
Young House Love

Painting the built-ins white and using the back panels as an accent will immediately make the cabinet pop.  You can use the color to drive the direction of the room's decor.

If you're like me, and have an obsession with wallpaper, these options are FAB!


Belle Maison

House Beautiful

 And if you're really ready to live on the edge, painting the whole thing a saturated color is all the rage right now.  Just so you believe that it can be done, here are a few examples....

Benjamin Moore

Country Living

Lindsay Coral Harper

Hope this helps.  Let us know what you decide and send us a picture. 

Do you have a decorating dilemma?  Tell Dwell.  I'd love to hear from you on the site. 

Leave a comment and/or send me a picture to dwellbycheryl@yahoo.com
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"Coloring Outside the Lines"

Because the blog, business, school and work have me running like a crazy person, I've had to resign from my position as 3rd and 4th Grade Sunday School teacher.  I'm going to miss the kids so much.  This past Sunday they gave me a stack of cards they made to wish me well. 

Here are a few of them....

So cute, even if my name is spelled wrong and I'm not a "Mrs." yet.

 I love this one.  Read the caption at the top.  It's from a former client's kid. "Thx for putting decoration on are house."  So cute!

This one had me at Pink and Green....

I so admire kid's creativity and their willingness to color outside of the lines.  Honestly, I'm considering framing a few of my favorites.  It's actually being done in some pretty sophisticated ways these days.  Check out these great examples....

Isabella & Max

Centsational Girl

Canvas Press

Emily A. Clark
 Thanks to all the kids in the 3rd & 4th Grade class at The Park.  I'll miss you guys!

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"Father Knows Best!"

In honor of Father's Day this weekend, I'd be remiss if I didn't write a post in celebration of the world's greatest Dad from a big time....

On Mother's Day weekend I shared a post including five fabulous words of wisdom from my Mom, but honestly she's not even the big advice giver in the family.  Solicited or not, Daddy always has some clever antidote, joke or story intended to solve all the world's problems.  I'm kind of glad I missed Fab 5 Friday because I don't know if I could have narrowed it down to just five.  We grew up hearing daddy's sayings over and over and over again.  In fact, I've heard them so much I've even started saying them. So without further ado, in no particular order, here are my Dad's top Luckettisms:

  • "To live for today and love for tomorrow is the wisdom of a fool." (Still don't know what it means, but I've heard it 1,000 times)
  • "Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there."  (One of my new personal favorites)
  • "I can look through muddy water and see dry land."  In other words, don't think you're getting over on me. I use this one probably more than any other.  The legacy lives on....
  • "If you lay down with dogs you get up with flees"
  • "If you can't hang with the big dogs, stay on the porch!"
  • He used to knock on the door to our bedroom and say, "Open it up, or catch it in your lap!" (meaning the door)
  • "It is better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt."
  • "Think before you speak and don't speak everything you think."
  • "You're clean as Sam was when Hattie died!" (Dressed extremely well-Sharp! Don't ask who Sam and Hattie are. No idea)
  • "Is a blue bird green?"  (His smart aleck answer for No)
  • "Are grits grocery? Was Mona Lisa a woman?" (His smart aleck answer for Yes)
  • "I can fight a bear with a toothpick" (Typically said when he's just finished a good meal and is extremely full)
  • "He/She could be anything in the jungle BUT the hunter."  (Meaning really ugly)
  • "Don't let the same dog bite you twice"  (Don't be a fool, at least not twice)
I could go on and on, but you get the picture.  My dad's words of wisdom have, no doubt, had a profound effect on me.  Some of the above echo in my mind automatically in certain situations.  Funny how that happens.

Here's to my Dad for all the great advice, funny jokes, words of wisdom and most of all the love. 

Happy Father's Day!

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"Why I Love Gardening: Reason #1"

Well, it's June and summer is unofficially here.  As indicated in my gardening post, I love gardening.  There are so many reasons why.

Here are a few! 


And before you ask, Yes, I grew them! Hard for me to believe too. Lol!

Ok, I didn't grow these, I cut them from a friend's front yard. 
 As my gardening mentor recently said, "There's nothing like bringing in something you grew!"

Happy Summer Gardening....

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"Settee Pedigree"

Ever wonder where sofas came from?  Well, a settee is defined as an upholstered seat with back and arms (sometimes upholstered), designed to accommodate two or more people in a sitting or reclining position. The earliest surviving types, dating back to the 17th century in Europe, have sides that let down for conversion into a bed. Variations of backrests and armrests appeared, and the precedent, still followed in the 21st century, was established of making the settee part of a matched set of chairs.  Enter the sofa as we know it. (Source)

So, is it just me or does the settee seem to be making a comeback?  In case you're not familiar, the settee is basically a slim lined sofa for two (sleeker than a loveseat).  I've been seeing them a lot lately. 

Home Decorators


Ballard Designs

I think they are absolutely adorable.  One of the best things about them is their versatility.  They have so many uses and are perfect options for a small space.


Nothing says welcome like a cozy bench or settee at the front entrance.

Unknown Source



I'm itching to put a settee in a client's bedroom. 

Capella Kinchelor Interior Design


The most popular use these days for the settee is as a casual seating option in the dining area.

Atlanta Homes Magazine


If one is good, two is even better.  How great are these two beauties sitting across from one another? 

Unknown Source

Want to know more?  Check out this great article on Houzz.

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"Flash Sales: Deals or No Deal?"

You may or may not be familiar with the relatively new flash sales that are taking place on everything from designer clothing to posh design items.

Flash Sales has different variations but are generally defined by the following:
  • Invite-only – requires membership to shop
  • Name brand merchandise -quality merchandise not just cheap or out of date items
  • Discounts – compellingly priced to drive impulse purchases and loyalty
  • Selling Event – timed event at which the merchandise is offered until it sells out or a time limit is reached
I subscribe to a few and two of my favorites for home decor are Joss and Main and One Kings Lane.  Both of these sites feature curator sales showcasing items selected by popular designers and design bloggers.  I imagine myself being one of those some day. 

Each day the flash sales ads appear in my inbox and some days the deals are better than others; though never dirt cheap.  This morning's ad particularly caught my attention. 

Preppy & Colorful Pillows

Needless to say, they had me a preppy.  However, the pillow in the ad looked strangely familiar.  In fact, after linking to the website, several of the pillows looked extremely familiar.  For example, they were featuring this Canaan Company Poppy Pillow in two colors...

via Joss and Main

via Joss and Main

The retail price listed was $80 and the flash sale price was $39.95.  Seeing as how I have a photographic memory when it comes to colors and prints, I immediately recognized it as this one....

Yes, that's the same pillow (different color).  Available for the low, low price of $9.99 at my go to Garden Ridge.  And this one .....

via Joss and Main

... I really knew it well since I purchased it recently for my sister also at Garden Ridge also for $9.99.  The site listed a retail price of $90.00 and had it also for sale for $39.95

Amazing isn't it?  First off, I'm not sure who buys a throw pillow for $80-$90 and secondly I'm certainly not sure who does so when you can get the same ones for $9.99.  You may recall me blogging about how much I love to shop for pillows at Garden Ridge.  Well, after today, I love them all the more. 

Flash Sales:  Deals or No Deal?  You decide.....

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"Sittin' Pretty"

I mentioned on my recent Craigslist post that I happened upon these fabulous reupholstered chairs in the Upstate South Carolina listings.  Well, after a little researching I was able to get into contact with the maker of those fabulous chairs.  Her name is Ashley and she's graciously agreed to be the feature for today's post.  Ashley's reupholstered items were so lovely, I couldn't resist the opportunity to share them with you. 

Dwell by Cheryl (DBC):  "Ashley, how did you get started with reupholstery?"

Ashley: "I initially started experimenting with reupholstering as another random project because I love repurposing things and making gorgeous, expensive-looking decor on a cheap budget. My first chair literally involved me completely taking it apart and piecing it back together.  I was motivated by the fact that I've never liked spending a lot of money on any item because there is always a way to recreate it and make it your own.   Personally, I think that provides a personal touch which makes it far more valuable."



DBC:  "Are there particular types of chairs that you look for?" 

Ashley:  "I love any chairs that just stand out to me or have character to them. When looking for chairs or fabric, I never go searching with a particular item in mind. I usually just see something and use my imagination. From curtains to pillows, to do- it-yourself upholstered headboards, I just have more and more fun with each project I try."



DBC:  "For those DIYers out there, do you have any words of wisdom?"

Ashley: "Is every project successful on the first try? Absolutely not! It's all trial and error.  No piece of furniture is the same.  sMy advice for other DIY enthusiast is to redecorate with items you already have.  Simply painting some photo frames or something as simple as reprinting pictures in black and white can make a big impact.  Any random accent piece from a thrift store or yard sale can easily be spray painted to become your own. Searching online for design items you like provides great inspiration to get a feel for your style.  Try adding fun decorative knobs to your current cabinets or side tables for a quick update.  (Every few weeks Hobby Lobby has adorable ones 50% off).  How about recovering lampshades, making pillow covers out of fun accent fabrics, repainting a chair or side table, or even just some fresh paint on the wall?  It's the little things that make a big difference."





DBC:  "Any recent projects?"

Ashley:  "I recently reupholstered simple modern black chairs and a sofa and made pillows out of blue linens with a monogram and different color chevron fabric."

Ashley: "I love different textures colors and patterns to add more character.  I think it's having those homemade creations that truly makes my house my home."

Kudos to Ashley!  She's definitely inspired me.  If you're in the Upstate SC area, feel free to contact Ashley at ashma821@aol.com about her work.  Let her create a custom item for you!  I know I am.

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