"Art and Home"

Lately I've been finding myself constantly on the hunt for art for client projects.  When helping source pieces for clients, it's important to me that I select something that's not only visually appealing but that also reflects who the clients are on a personal level.  In this post, I thought I'd round up a few of my favorites.

Ray Hart
"On One Accord"
Allison Ford
"Mother's Day on Palm Beach"

Ivey Hayes
"Dancers of Black Skin"
Sam Pace
Obviously I have a penchant for color.  I love the vibrancy of these four pieces.  I've also recently started collecting a bit of my own.  Earlier this year, I ran into this original Maurice Cook painting at a local antique mall.  It reminded me of my maternal great grandmother's house in the Mississippi.  Just up the road was the church she attended that sat on a hill just like the one in the painting.  She was even laid to rest in the cemetery that sits off to the right.  

I'd passed it several times before and finally (with a little push from my social media followers) decided to buy it.  So glad I did.  I love it!

While recently in Augusta, I visited the Morris Museum of Art where Southern favorite, Jonathan Green was on exhibit.

I couldn't resist this SIGNED poster of one of his popular colorful paintings.  Can't wait to get it framed.

It's pretty amazing how art has the power to completely transform a space and if our clients aren't already collectors we try to introduce them to pieces that may resonate with them and get them hooked. 

A space can quickly go from pretty to pretty and meaningful with the addition of just the right piece. 

I love when clients already have art that they love, but need help working it into the space we imagine for them. 

So spend a little time sourcing the art for your home improvement projects.  You'd be surprised what you mind find that has the potential to completely transform your home. 

Until next time...

"A Davidson Home Reveal"

So excited to be back to share the reveal of this fabulous project.  This Davidson, NC home had us at hello. 

When we met with the homeowners, they had already begun purchasing some of the furnishings. They quickly realized that making their new house a cozy space they'd be proud of was going to require more than nice furniture.   Their major concern was the first floor living space.  Here's a look at the living area when we first visited.  

While they had ample functional seating, the space was pretty drab and devoid of any personality or finishing touches.  We presented the vision for the space which included new lighting, a transition from a large sectional to a comfy sofa and two swivel chairs, coffee table, end table and a piece from the Belle by Cheryl Luckett collection.  

Rendering by Jackie Ramdin 
The client really liked earth tones but we shifted things a bit because the spaces were so light and airy that we wanted to maintain that feeling if possible.

Here's how things came together in the living area...

We absolutely love the addition of The Park Parson's Table from the Belle by Cheryl Luckett collection for Sylvester Alexander in this corner.  After all was said and done, our client told us it was her favorite thing in the entire space.  Yay!!

Also, sometimes we find that it's that one special small element that brings it all together.  I fell in love with N'gala Trading at last year's High Point Market and knew I had to begin working them into projects.  They have an amazing assortment of stylish African and African-inspired furnishings, textiles, lighting and accessories.  
Ardmore via Ngala Trading 

This pillow was just the right finishing touch. 

We always make it a point to work in Revolution Performance Fabrics.  These swivel chairs scream style without screaming stain-resistant.  Sylvester Alexander did an amazing job on them.  And can we talk about that Addison Weeks hardware we added to this simple drink table? 

The kitchen was already beautifully built and appointed when we arrived, so the addition of stylish bar stools was all that was needed.  We selected the Marcello Counter Stool from Ballard Designs and couldn't have been more pleased.  

Adjacent to the kitchen is this lovely light-filled breakfast nook.   The clients had already purchased a Bernhardt dining table and chairs so we just needed to dress things up.

While the chandelier wasn't bad (at all), it didn't quite jive with where we were going so we opted to change it out for something that would flow with the other spaces.   The driving factor in this area was the original Kelly O'Neal art we sourced at High Point Market.  The colors and scale were perfect for the space. 

Kelly O'Neal Original Art

The painting helped to accentuate the height of the area and consume some of the dead space created by the pitch of the roof.

In the formal dining area, we again worked with the homeowner's existing Bernhardt furnishings.

We amped things up here with lighting and beautiful grasscloth wallpaper.  I still love this Wildwood chandelier.  It was delicate but striking.  

Wildwood Home

I've said it before, but it's worth repeating, design is in the details.  This project was a great example of how nice furniture will only get you so far.  It's the other elements that are often more difficult to bring together that complete a space.  Thankfully our clients let us help them take things to the finish line. 

Lastly, the open entry got a new chandelier and a round entry table to welcome guests in to this beautiful home. 

Photography: Cam Richards Photography
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