"A Space All His Own"

We were about halfway through the project when, the man of the house approached us about a question he wanted to ask.  Needless to say, I was a little nervous about whether something had gone wrong in the process or if he was dissatisfied in some way with the progress that we'd already made.  As it would turn out though, he wanted to ask about the possibility of adding a third phase of the project, a space just for him. 

When we originally toured the home, the couple informed us that they'd be handling the second floor loft area, since it would eventually become the "man space" in the house.  I usually chuckle a bit when I hear this (we hear it a lot).  I can always sense that there's this preconceived notion that this super Southern, girly-girl can't possibly tackle a "man space".  Although, I getting pretty good at dispelling this myth.  

After a quick chat about the scope of the project, we got to work pulling together a detailed plan to present.  We knew we wanted something cozy, warm and of course manly, but it also needed to flow with the first floor of the home.  See more of that HERE and HERE.  It was essentially a blank space but the homeowner wanted to be able to kick back, watch the game and maybe do a little work if need be.  The space plan included an area for tv viewing and lounging and a small desk nook.

Here's what it looked like the day we took measurements. 

We worked to pull in a masculine color scheme with touches of leather, wool and plaids to create a mature and elevated vibe.  

The inspiration for the color scheme was drawn from the client's existing art.  

It's important to us that our client's feel at home in the space when the project is completed and utilizing some of their treasures helps us to create a space that speaks to who they are, not just what looks great.  

We couldn't be more pleased with how it came together.  

I love that the space is masculine without being too cave like (it's an open area loft after all).  The color scheme is mature and reserved, just like the retired professional who lives there. 

It's not a man space without a massive television, and since he was kind enough to not make us place the living room one over the mantel, we honored his love of technology with a beautiful Hooker Furniture media console to house the tech goodies.

As per usual, Mark Baity of Baity's Custom Upholstery created an amazing custom ottoman to our specifications that adds modern style with channel tufts, warmth with a heavy wood grain and a comfortable place to prop your feet up.

The art took center stage in what became the "office" nook.  Such a handsome corner to pay a few bill or plan the couple's next vacation. 

 Like kid spaces, man rooms allow for a little fun.  We added a little elevated whimsy with these Scalamandre' fish pillows.  They are the perfect touch to the green herringbone Sylvester Alexander swivel chairs.  The most comfortable chairs EVER!

It's not a Dwell by Cheryl project if there's not Revolution Performance Fabrics in the mix, so I was pleased to be able to add provide some assurance to the homeowners that the sofa chaise would be fine for eating those nachos during the game.  Revolution is such a great option when you don't want to worry about durability, cleanablity or harmful chemicals. 

I pretty sure that the man of the house is glad he added on that third phase to our work.  In fact, I ran into the clients last weekend and they told me they still love it all.  That's the best compliment a designer can receive.  At the end of the day, we design for living.  After all the installs are complete, the photo shoots are wrapped and the reviews are submitted, we want our clients to love coming home.  

So glad to know they do. 

 Photos by: Cam Richards Photography

"The Latest and Greatest"

If there were a fine for dropping the ball on blogging, I'd have a HUGE bill.  So, let me begin by apologizing for the radio silence over here. 

In my last post, we talked about one of my favorite projects from last year and believe it or not, I haven't even finished sharing it yet.  However, I feel that I need to take a moment to share a few updates with you.  A lot has happened in the past month or so and if you're not following along on social media, you've likely missed quite a bit.

For starters, I feel like I've been on the podcast roadshow tour lately.  Since the start of the year, I've recorded five podcast and as of today, four have already been released.  Here's the rundown:

This is Part II of my podcast with LuAnn Nigara from 2018.  I share all the nuts and bolts of my business to date and talk a lot about my brand partnerships including the furniture line, Belle by Cheryl Luckett for Sylvester Alexander.  Link HERE:  "Where Are They Now with Cheryl Luckett" 

 In this podcast I talk with Albie about how I was able to move from a long-term career in Corporate America to a full-time entrepreneur.  We also talk quite a bit about leveraging brands to grow your business.  Link HERE: "Going Beyond the Projects & Clients with Cheryl Luckett"

With Shunta, I'm sharing how I believe my business is my ministry, the keys to being successful and asking for your value and how investing has been part of my journey to date.  Listen HERE:  The Payoff of Investing in Your Dreams with Interior Designer Cheryl Luckett

This is a super relaxed and fun conversation with the ladies from Ballard Designs.  We discuss everything from antiques to guest suites. We even help solve a listener's design dilemma as they do in each show.   Listen HERE:  How to Decorate Podcast - Episode 85

It's been a busy first quarter!! We're also just coming off the heels of High Point Market, where we relaunched the Belle by Cheryl Luckett collection with Sylvester Alexander.  

Here's a little recap:

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Lastly, I'm so beyond thrilled to share that I'm in TWO well-known, national magazines this month!  A million thanks to Traditional Home and Country Living for including me in their May issues!

If you know me at all, you know I could do an entire post on just THIS amazing accomplishment.  But I'll just say that I'm so unbelievably honored to be in two publications that I've admired and read for decades.  If you're out and about, be sure to pick up a copy of both!

That's all for now!  I promise I'll be back soon to share with you another project.  We've got a couple to share here that I think you'll love!

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