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"Traditional Home Takes Dallas"

I'm still riding on cloud nine from a fabulous long weekend last week in Dallas, Texas for the first ever Traditional Home Dallas Showhouse.

This stunning nearly 8000 sq ft home in Southlake, Texas was a sight to behold.  And if the Moroccan style home built by Paul and Donna Moss wasn't enough to blow your mind, the beautiful furnishings and decor sure were. 

Let's take a look around shall we?

I mean, right out of the gate, this home is absolutely stunning.  The living room, with its soaring ceilings and graphic black and white scheme, is pure chic perfection designed by
Tompkins Lloyd Interiors. 

Kara Cox absolutely knocked it out of the park with this formal dining space in blush.  Not sure if you can see it or not, but those place cards are for the Ewings (of Dallas).  Remember them?  Those CR Lane chairs are to die for!

Just off the dining room is this fun outdoor space designed by Sherry Hayslip .  The pops of color are delightful and can we talk about that handprinted rug. 

If you know Scot Meacham Wood, you know NO one does plaid like he does.  This moody mudroom and half bath are outfitted top to bottom in bold florals and statement tartan.  Talk about DRAMA!

Also on the first level was this super feminine bedroom by Julie Dodson.  Currently thinking, could I make a canopy work over my bed? 

Elle Cole did a fabulous job on this cozy patio space.  It was too difficult to capture it's beauty in a still shot, but honestly the video doesn't do it justice either. 

On of my favorite spaces was Amy Berry's library, although I'd call it a ladies lounge.  This makes my traditional loving heart skip a beat.  How beautiful!  She had me at floral. 

Shay Geyer brought the drama is this master bedroom for sure!  The artwork was a true statement.  Loving the cozy reading area in front of the fireplace too!

Krissa Rossbund of Traditional Home Magazine made my jaw drop with this stunning master bathroom.  The lighting, the rug, the wallpaper...I could go on and on. 

I pretty much love anything Nancy Price, my homegirl from Mississippi, does so it was no surprise that this office nook was also a stunner.  What I love most is that in order to create a wall she covered the windows with floor to ceiling drapery and floated her mirror from the ceiling.  Genius!!

Michelle Workman brings vintage appeal like only she can in this second floor bedroom and bath.  So girly and so very chic.  Love the vanity hardware too!

Phara Queen was super cool and so was this space she designed.  Originally intended to be a bedroom, she created a fun lounge space with vibrant candy colors and graphic stripes. 

Of course, I may be just a little partial but I think my friend and hostess for the weekend
Ruthie Staalsen did an amazing job outfitting her hallway spaces.  Ruthie is a pro at adding an eclectic collected vibe with a global flair to her spaces.  If you follow me on Instagram you likely saw her home and know exactly what I mean.  So good!!

Traci Zeller always brings refinement and sophistication.  That's how we roll in Charlotte.  ; )  No seriously, she is a master at creating a clean, fresh and button up style that's always on point.  I love and am so very inspired by her work.  This bedroom included touches from her recent summer abroad.  How amazing is that simple black lace trim framed and hung as art? 

This hardware!!!!
Denise McGaha knocked it out of the park with this space she called the Palm Lounge.  Ahhhmaazzing!  Honestly, I can't even tell you how beautiful this space was in person.  You just had to be there.  

Meg Caswell, former HGTV Design Star, created a livable and lux outdoor space just off the lounge area.  I could see myself curled up on this sectional drinking a glass of wine and chilling. 

It was a pretty amazing home with even more amazing designs on display.

Of course, one of the best parts of the entire trip was having the opportunity to connect with so many talented designers, those I already considered design friends and lots of new ones!

"Seasonal Decorating"

With October just around the corner, it's time to start pulling out those holiday decorations.  For many of us, the thought of cooler temps and pumpkin spice lattes sparks all kinds of excitement.  For others, the thought of dragging out pumpkins, cornucopias, trees and twinkle lights brings on a serious case of the hives.  Whether you're giddy with excitement or dreading it all, the seasonal decorating season is upon.  Not sure where to begin?  I'm sharing a few tips and tricks to getting your holiday decor just right.  

Hop over to the Charlotte Home and Garden blog to read the article.

Happy Fall Y'all!!

"Wallpaper Weekend Warrior"

As busy as I've been, I'm not sure how I managed to squeeze in a little home improvement project of my own, but somehow I did.  

Yep, I finally tackled the wallpaper project in my guest bathroom a couple of weeks ago.  It began as a weekend project but soon spilled over into the week.  I worked on a little at a time and it took me about a week and a half to finally finish.  Honestly, with a little motivation, I totally could've done it in one day.  

If you follow me on social media, you may recall me posting about this wallpaper I scored at the Habitat Restore in High Point, NC.  I think I paid less than $5 per roll, so it was a total score.  They were double rolls, but I knew the amount would be cutting it pretty close.  But for less than $10, I was willing to take the risk.  

P.S. In case you're interested, it is made by York Wallcoverings (Metallic Scenic) and is available online for about $80 per double roll. 

The fact that the wallpaper worked perfectly with my existing decor was a huge added bonus.  I just needed to find the time to get it hung.   That time finally came...

Now, make no mistake about it, my wallpaper installer would likely cringe if he took a close look at the pattern match-up and seams, but for me...it works.  Believe it or not, wallpapering is actually easier than painting if you ask me.  There's no taping required and unlike paint, wallpaper offers a do-over factor that paint doesn't.  I mean, you can move wallpaper around easily (before it dries). 

I thought about replacing the builder grade mirror, but it came down to conserving wallpaper.  You may recall me adding the mirror frame many moons ago.  If not, read about it in the post entitled "Mirror on Mirror".  I knew that unless I planned to foot the bill for a large rectangular mirror (most standard options are a little smaller than I needed), then I'd need to utilize more paper to cover the portion of the wall currently covered by the massive simple mirror already there.

I decided to leave it for now, plus I can always add a Mirror Mate at a later date.  (Hey, that rhymes! 😊 Lol! )

I love wallpaper with a busy print.  Not only does it add so much personality to a space but it is extremely forgiving to those of us who don't have the patience for matching the pattern from row to row.   The pattern has so much going on that it's hard to tell where one scene ends and another begins.


This was particularly helpful around the corners and in those small spaces because I was literally able to use scraps without working so much about the pattern.  In fact, that's the ONLY way I had enough paper for the entire bathroom.

I love how it turned out, and I'm thankful to have another small home improvement project off my list.  However, be forewarned should you ever come to visit.  My installation isn't perfect and if you look for the flaws, you'll find them. And I'm completely ok with that.  😉

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