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"Father Knows Best!"

In honor of Father's Day this weekend, I'd be remiss if I didn't write a post in celebration of the world's greatest Dad from a big time....

On Mother's Day weekend I shared a post including five fabulous words of wisdom from my Mom, but honestly she's not even the big advice giver in the family.  Solicited or not, Daddy always has some clever antidote, joke or story intended to solve all the world's problems.  I'm kind of glad I missed Fab 5 Friday because I don't know if I could have narrowed it down to just five.  We grew up hearing daddy's sayings over and over and over again.  In fact, I've heard them so much I've even started saying them. So without further ado, in no particular order, here are my Dad's top Luckettisms:

  • "To live for today and love for tomorrow is the wisdom of a fool." (Still don't know what it means, but I've heard it 1,000 times)
  • "Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there."  (One of my new personal favorites)
  • "I can look through muddy water and see dry land."  In other words, don't think you're getting over on me. I use this one probably more than any other.  The legacy lives on....
  • "If you lay down with dogs you get up with flees"
  • "If you can't hang with the big dogs, stay on the porch!"
  • He used to knock on the door to our bedroom and say, "Open it up, or catch it in your lap!" (meaning the door)
  • "It is better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt."
  • "Think before you speak and don't speak everything you think."
  • "You're clean as Sam was when Hattie died!" (Dressed extremely well-Sharp! Don't ask who Sam and Hattie are. No idea)
  • "Is a blue bird green?"  (His smart aleck answer for No)
  • "Are grits grocery? Was Mona Lisa a woman?" (His smart aleck answer for Yes)
  • "I can fight a bear with a toothpick" (Typically said when he's just finished a good meal and is extremely full)
  • "He/She could be anything in the jungle BUT the hunter."  (Meaning really ugly)
  • "Don't let the same dog bite you twice"  (Don't be a fool, at least not twice)
I could go on and on, but you get the picture.  My dad's words of wisdom have, no doubt, had a profound effect on me.  Some of the above echo in my mind automatically in certain situations.  Funny how that happens.

Here's to my Dad for all the great advice, funny jokes, words of wisdom and most of all the love. 

Happy Father's Day!

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Michael said... Reply To This Comment


Nadia said... Reply To This Comment

Love it!!! May I use #2???

Dwell by Cheryl said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks! Yes Nadia, it's so true.

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Hello Cheryl!
You're never too old to be " Daddy's Little Girl"!!!
The two of you look Awesome!!
Words of Wisdom......and well spoken!
Give both of your parents my love from your Cuz herevin ATL.
......by the way....I see your sister is well in the ATL!

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Hey Cheryl!

I have one for you that I heard him say often while we were growing up.

"Can a poor dog wag his own tail?"

Kim said... Reply To This Comment

Love it..

Dwell by Cheryl said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks everyone!

whome2249 said... Reply To This Comment

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