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"Where Do We Go From Here?"

Week before last, we hosted a public launch party for the Belle by Cheryl Luckett furniture collection for Sylvester Alexander Furniture.  Back in October, we launched the product line to the trade at High Point Market and had a great time, not to mention received rave reviews.   The idea was that we'd give the public (essentially family, friends, clients and followers) the same opportunity to see the collection in-person and to celebrate the launch with us.  We were, after all, making it available on the website directly to them (www.dwellbycheryl.com/collection).  

I can't even begin to tell you what an awesome time we had.  There were laughs...

Lots of them, and even a few cries...

But overall a feeling of love that's hard to explain.  Honestly, I wasn't really expecting it, but it was completely different from the pride I felt at the October launch event.  Sure, being surrounded and supported by your colleagues and those you admire was certainly a proud moment but this was different.  These were my people.  

The ones who were there from the very beginning.  The ones who casually confirmed, "You should do this for a living!".  The ones who watched me juggle corporate life and travel, design school and projects on the side.  The ones who were the first to say, "Sure! Start with my home."  

I realized after everyone cleared out, that these were the people who rarely get to see me operating in the space they watched me work so hard to get to.  They don't attend the markets or conferences, they've never been to an event where I was a panelist, so to share with them (IN PERSON) what I've been able to achieve was so very special.  

I'm so very grateful to those who attended and who were able to share in the celebration with us.  2018 was an amazing year, full of new ventures, exciting opportunities and BIG wins.  I couldn't do it alone.  I'm often bolstered by the sideline cheers, prayers and support of so many.  

So what's in store for 2019 and where do we go from here?  Who knows! You never can tell, but I'm predicting UP!  

Thank you to you all!

Photos by: Amanda Schultz

Special thanks to Jenn Skultety, Betron Couch, Bonnie Moody and
Our Sponsors: Revolution Performance Fabrics, Sylvester Alexander and Windy O'Connor
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