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"Lavender and Sweet Pea Nursery Reveal"

Today's the day!
No need to be quiet about it either.  I'm shouting it from the rooftops!  I love how this sweet nursery turned out.
Here's just a reminder of the plan we initially put together. 
I think the purple and green scheme was a winner from the start.  However, I'm told by the mom-to-be that several people commented about the use of purple for a boy.  I think it's a great color for either sex.  I love that it can easily be transformed into something more appropriate for a girl or a boy with the addition of other accent colors. 

Surprisingly, it's not often that I actually get the opportunity to decorate nurseries.  I think it's the one project that parents like to tackle on their own.  However, not only did I get to pull together this precious unisex space for baby,  I got to do it for a young lady that grew up in the home next door to me in Mississippi.  I can recall her playing with my little sister when I was a teen and now she's all grown up, living in Charlotte and she and her husband are expecting their first child.  Time flies!
Let's get to it, shall we?  There's really not much to share in terms of a before and after since the room was literally a blank slate.  The couple appeared on HGTV's Property Virgins recently where they purchased a new build in the north Charlotte area. 
So without further ado....


I'm obsessed with the use of this stunning vintage Drexel credenza as a changing table.   I love vintage furniture (you get way more for your money) and this piece can be used in so many ways within a home.  I knew it was perfect when I found it, but I had no idea it was a valuable piece until I did a little online research and stumbled upon THIS.  Wow!  Let's just say I didn't pay nearly that much for it. 

We used a budget-friendly trick to create a sophisticated gallery wall using wallpaper samples and inexpensive frames and mats.  
Yet another item that can be changed out as the child grows.  I can see a handmade art gallery happening here a little later on. 
The wall stripe was critical to adding a little visual interest on the large wall.  Paint remains one of the most inexpensive ways to add impact to a space.  I love the clean look of it.  

We also amped up the drapery with a little playful detail.  You can't lose with pom-poms in kid spaces.  
During the initial consultation, I mentioned the idea of creating a reading wall and they loved it.  These acrylic shelves are perfect for displaying books for years to come. 


Lastly, I have to say that some of my favorite details in this space are a few last minute additions.  There's no secret that I have lots of d├ęcor in my home, but every now and again I realize that something I own works even better in a client's home.  After picking up another vintage globe for myself a few weeks ago, I decided that it worked much better in this nursery than in my living room.  So I ended up selling it to my client.  How cute is it!

I also knew that I needed something else to tie in the orange accent I added late in the project.  My friend and fellow small business owner Jennifer of Pure and Simple made this custom pom-pom garland and it couldn't be more perfect for the space. 

 A few final details...

So, what do you think?  I love this project so much and I hope it brings this young couple happiness for years to come. 
Special thanks to Cam Richards Photography

"Market Inspiration"

Hope you guys had a great Father's Day weekend, I sure did. 

I realized recently that I never really shared my experience at the High Point Market on the blog.  In April, I had the opportunity to travel to High Point to my very first Market.  Convening every six months, The High Point Market is the largest furnishings industry trade show in the world.  Anyway, there was lots going on that week and I just never had the time to sit down and sort through all of the photos I took to share with you a few of my takeaways.  While I'm not here to do a total recap today, I did want to share some of the inspiration that I came across. 

You know I love a furniture transformation, so my eyes were peeled for great ideas on how to spruce up vintage and budget friendly finds with creative upholstery.  Thankfully, there was NO shortage of ideas to "borrow".

I had Baity's Custom Upholstery on speed dial texting back and forth about whether we could do something similar.  For example, I loved this ottoman.  I'm pretty sure my upholsterer could custom make this piece.  I love the fact that it has storage underneath and brass nails for days. 

While it's not the best photo, I snapped this shot because I thought adding an embellishment with nailheads was a fabulous idea, especially on an upholstered console/desk.

This Ambella winged headboard was the coolest I've EVER seen.  It literally enveloped the bed and the bedside tables too!  Genius!  Sure it's large, but not at all difficult to create. 

I often have clients who need to utilize some of their existing furniture pieces due to budget constraints. I thought this simple detail did wonders for a simple Parsons chair. 

We've actually done the racing stripe before, but not on a Louis chair. Definitely filing that one away in my inspirational Rolodex.

These reminded me of the custom ottomans in my Master Bedroom Makeover

There was lots of trim and brass nails.  How clever is this simple addition of leather trim tape and brass nails used as a border on this sofa. 

I MUST, MUST, MUST use this idea in a project.  Large brass nail trim applied directly to the walls is the perfect finishing touch.  I'm think it would be perfect in a study or dining room.
Last but certainly not least, I fell in LOVE with these chairs for a number of reasons, but mostly fore the Greek key design. 

It looks as if it's the wood trim at first glance, but upon further inspection you can tell that it's actually fabric and contrasting welt.  I mean, WOW!

Let's just say I left with more than a few great ideas.  You can expect to see them in my projects real soon. 
Until next time...

"Cottage Dreams"

Hope you guys had a great weekend.  I installed a precious nursery on Saturday and I can't wait to share it with you soon.  Heading back to capture some professional photos this coming weekend and we'll do a proper reveal shortly thereafter. 

In the meantime, I thought I'd share with you a long-term dream of mine.  It's something that I think about often but have never really put out there before. 

So here goes...

I dream of owning a mountain retreat. While I  grew up on the coast, I'm really not a sun and surf kinda girl.  I love cooler temps, roaring fires and mountain air and my dream is to buy and fix up a quaint mountain cottage.  I really just want something small that I can rent out and use with my family and friends when I need to escape it all.

I'm always searching the web for contenders.  I mean, you just never know, right?  This weekend I stumbled upon this little lovely in the mountains of Georgia and it's taking everything in me not to take a road trip to go check this one out.

Seriously, talk about potential!  My mind nearly exploded with great ideas when I saw this listing.  So, I took my enthusiasm to Pinterest and created a Dwell by Cheryl Cottage board.

Stop by and check it out. 

Do you have what seem to be far fetched dreams too?  Hold tight to them, and don't give up.  I plan to look back at this very blog post and maybe even republish it when I finally make the Dwell by Cheryl Cottage a reality.  Just wait and see...  

Have a great week!

"Present Over Perfect"

I vowed at the beginning of the year, that I'd worry a lot less about things being perfect and a lot more about enjoying what I have and where I am...right now. A friend of mine put it this way, "Present Over Perfect". With this in mind, after sprucing up my patio, I thought it was appropriate to take some time out to actually enjoy it. 

So I invited a few friends over for a casual night out on the patio.
I mean what's the point of working so hard to create a beautiful space if you never actually use it?
I kept things simple by choosing a menu that didn't require a lot of work. Summer salads were the theme and they went over BIG! Thanks to Fresh Market for the help.
Surprisingly, the weather was perfect and unseasonably cool.
I wasn't complaining because it gave me the perfect excuse to fire up the outdoor fireplace.
We had a fantastic time and I'm so glad I got over the fact that it's not perfect (in my mind) and took some time to enjoy it and those closest to me. 

  I love these ladies.
It's always my aim to make my guests feel special and appreciated so I always try to think of one thing that I can do that's a little different.  Since I love fresh cut flower so much, I decided to share some with my guests. 
A simple sign that read, "Take some blooms and come back soon!", was the perfect parting gift.  I thrifted small vases and picked up a few grocery store blooms.  A super simple way to send you guests away with a reminder of a great time.
Do you get stuck trying to make things perfect instead of being present and enjoying the moment?  I'm turning over an new leaf and kicking perfection to the curb.  The older I get, the more I realize that the only person who cares about things being perfect is....me.
Head over to the Habitat ReStore blog to read more about my newest patio addition.
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