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"If My Outfit Was a Room: Reader Edition"

Last week, on my "If My Outfit Was a Room" post, I encouraged you guys to send me a picture of you in an outfit you'd like to see as a room. 

Brittany of South Carolina sent me a picture of she and her new hubby on her (St. Patrick's Day) birthday sporting a palette that she loves.  You may recall that Brittany was the winner of my March giveaway.  She purchased this rug from Rugs USA as a result.

Rugs USA

So, she'd love to use this rug as the base for a room inspired by one of her favorite outfits.



I absolutely love Brittany's mint and mauve color combo.  So here's my best guess at what her outfit would look like as a room.....

Brittany currently has a dark sofa (not sure her husband would go for a pink one), but I think she could achieve a similar look with the addition of two light colored occasional chairs.  Additionally, the print in the drapes is very similar to the rug she owns.  I'd simply take the stripe from the rug and make it the drapes.  I'm also thinking that a coral probably works better with her existing rug.

Fabric Source

Not sure if they're up for repainting, but if not I would also suggest an art piece that pulls out the minty color she likes so much. 

Home Decorators

And of course pillows....
House of Jawi

Special thanks to Brittany!  Hope this helps.

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Gardening Day 2012

Each Year, I take one full day for gardening from sun up to sun down.  This year's gardening day was week before last and I'm pretty pleased with the results.

Actually, this year was a little different from those in the past because my perennials really haven't left much room for planting.  I guess that's a good problem to have, when you consider the cost of plants. 

Yep, this go round was much more about cleaning up.  I always start gardening day at the nursery first and then I stop in at Lowe's/Home Depot.  You just can't beat a local nursery for the best, healthiest and unique (for your zone) plants. 

Whitener's Greenhouse (Huntersville, NC)

Whitener's Greenhouse (Huntersville, NC)

I know it's a little early in the season but I at least wanted to share how Gardening Day 2012 turned out. 

Cutting Bed- BEFORE

Cutting Gardening - AFTER
 I'm still waiting for the ground to warm up a bit before I plant my favorite wildflowers.

Produce Garden - BEFORE

Produce Garden- AFTER



Patio - BEFORE

Patio- AFTER
My list was pretty short this year. 

  •  A few of my favorite annuals, Gerber Daisies (and one that made it through the winter-far right).  By summer, it will look better than those I purchased.  I'm hoping for pink or yellow. 

  •  A few plants for some mixed pots. 

The violet verbena was a clearance deal on the discard rack at Lowe's.  I feel like I've arrived when I bring back one of these cast-offs to it's fully glory.  An added bonus is the color of this one is "Biloxi" blue. 

  • Something a little different for me.  This one's a Hollyhock.  Kind of old school, but I like it.  However, it didn't do to well during last week's cold snap. 

Hopefully it'll survive and turn into this soon....

Image Detail
Photo Source
All in all, Gardening Day was pretty successful.  I'll keep you posted on the progress.

Happy Gardening!

Sneak Peek at Tomorrow's Install

I'm a little crazy getting ready for tomorrow's install and a garage sale.  This will probably be me tomorrow morning....

I know the die-hards will be here prior to the 7:00 a.m. start time.   Not to mention, I'm also getting ready for a master bedroom install.  I thought I'd give you a sneak peek....

So excited to have my new intern Chelsea tagging along.  I think this one's going to be good....

"Cluttered Space = Cluttered Mind"

If our homes are a reflection of ourselves, what is this room saying about me?

Busy?  Overwhelmed?  In need of some client installations dates?  Whatever it says, I know it's starting to drive me a little crazy.

So much so, that it has me rethinking all of the little items that I've accumulated and currently have in the room (those that actually belong to me, not a client).  I feel as if it's making the space visually (and mentally) cluttered.  I decided this past weekend that I was over it.  The fact that I'm participating in the neighborhood yard sale this weekend may also have something to do with it.

MEG Photography
So, I decided to get rid of a few things.  Just to simplify.  I like it better already. 

Told you guys a professional photographer does so much better than I do. 

Of course, anytime you start moving things around you immediately produce a "need" for something new.  I'm thinking I want another lamp in this space now.  I saw one very similar to this one.

Dollar Store Crafts blog
We already discussed the wallpaper.  And, I'm getting close to being ready for a new sofa and chair(s).  Here are a few I'm feeling....

Honestly, I haven't decided if I'm going more formal this time around, but I'm no longer into the overstuffed bulky sofa and chair I have now.  

This sectional from Ikea may be a great option.  The shape is perfect for my space because it wouldn't obstruct the view of the window and it may also leave room for a small chair. 

I'll keep you posted.  I guess I should focus on one project at a time.  First up, the master bath

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"If My Outfit Was a Room: Spring Color Edition"

 It should come as no surprise that this Spring is all about color!


No wonder that my friends and I all selected brights to wear to the Charlotte Passport for Fashion event this weekend. 

Cam Richards Photography

It got me thinking once again, “What if my outfit was a room?” 

Since I wore my two favorite colors Saturday, I have no doubt that if my outfit was a room, I’d absolutely love it. 

House Beautiful

I was right.  I love it, and I think there are 3 B’s involved in using this classically preppy scheme. 

1.      Think BOLD.  Too soft and you’ve got yourself a nursery or a bubble gum sweet tweens room. 

Emily Henderson

 2.      Utilize Balance.  Balance the pink and green hues with more neutral tones like whites, beige, etc.

Mary McDonald

Unknown Source

3.      Be Brave.   You know I love mixing prints, but this room below would’ve made even me nervous.  But the truth is, I like it.  I think it comes together very well and most of all I’m sure the homeowner loves it.  That is, after all, the designer’s job. 

Riehl Designs, Inc.

 Got a picture of you in your favorite outfit and wonder what it would look like as a room?  Send me a picture and I’ll try my very best to show you and the readers in a future post.  Email me a picture at dwellbycheryl@yahoo.com  and leave a comment. I'd love to hear from you.  


Lately, I've been feeling a little like this....

Working a full time job, going to school and launching a business, pretty much has me running in circles.  
So, I've decided that it's time for some help.   I was fortunate to receive a tip from someone in one of my social media circles, who suggested that I post a listing on the Queens University job list site.  While I would've killed for the opportunity when I was in undergrad, I was skeptical that anyone would be interested in an unpaid internship with a newly established, non-credentialed interior decorator.  Much to my surprise, I received an inquiry from an Junior Interior Design major who was very interested in the opportunity.  And, I'm pleased to report that she'll be starting with me next month!  

I thought I would formally introduce her to you.  So, please join me in welcoming.....

Chelsea Burke

In her own words....

Hi Dwell by Cheryl followers! I am from a tiny town called Norwood in North Carolina (it only has two stop lights in the entire town!). It's about an hour east of Charlotte, in Stanly County. I currently attend Queen's University of Charlotte and plan to graduate with a BA in Interior Design in May 2013.
How I got interested in interior design and figured out that it was what I wanted to study, really boiled down to me scrambling around during my senior year of high school and the following summer. I was trying to answer the question; What will I major in? When I noticed one day that every time I had a chance to sit in front of the television, I found myself watching HGTV. Color Splash with David Bromstad was my favorite. It also dawned on me that every time my mother wanted to do something different to her bedroom, living room, etc. I was the one helping her pick out the wall color and accessories.  I was even doing the same thing for other family and  friends because I really enjoyed doing it.
So I went for it, and I've truly enjoyed it so far. Especially when we get to create mood boards for projects with those theoretical clients with endless pockets :  ).  Once I finish school and get on my feet, I'd like to begin the journey of creating my own business.   I want to work with "everyday" people. Cheryl and I discussed working with people who truly deserve something they would love to come home to; a home they are proud of and love. So needless to say, Cheryl has already inspired me and I'm looking forward to working with her.
Thanks Chelsea! 
I'm really looking forward to working with Chelsea.  I'm sure we'll learn lots from each other.  Needless to say, I'm also very much looking forward to the help. 
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