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"Art and Home"

Lately I've been finding myself constantly on the hunt for art for client projects.  When helping source pieces for clients, it's important to me that I select something that's not only visually appealing but that also reflects who the clients are on a personal level.  In this post, I thought I'd round up a few of my favorites.

Ray Hart
"On One Accord"
Allison Ford
"Mother's Day on Palm Beach"

Ivey Hayes
"Dancers of Black Skin"
Sam Pace
Obviously I have a penchant for color.  I love the vibrancy of these four pieces.  I've also recently started collecting a bit of my own.  Earlier this year, I ran into this original Maurice Cook painting at a local antique mall.  It reminded me of my maternal great grandmother's house in the Mississippi.  Just up the road was the church she attended that sat on a hill just like the one in the painting.  She was even laid to rest in the cemetery that sits off to the right.  

I'd passed it several times before and finally (with a little push from my social media followers) decided to buy it.  So glad I did.  I love it!

While recently in Augusta, I visited the Morris Museum of Art where Southern favorite, Jonathan Green was on exhibit.

I couldn't resist this SIGNED poster of one of his popular colorful paintings.  Can't wait to get it framed.

It's pretty amazing how art has the power to completely transform a space and if our clients aren't already collectors we try to introduce them to pieces that may resonate with them and get them hooked. 

A space can quickly go from pretty to pretty and meaningful with the addition of just the right piece. 

I love when clients already have art that they love, but need help working it into the space we imagine for them. 

So spend a little time sourcing the art for your home improvement projects.  You'd be surprised what you mind find that has the potential to completely transform your home. 

Until next time...

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