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Spring 2020 One Room Challenge - Week 8 (REVEAL!)

The Reveal!

It's finally reveal day and I'm beyond excited to share my new kitchen with you all! C'mon in!!

Cameron Reynolds Photography
Oh wait! We should probably take a look back before we go in.  It's been quite a transformation and frankly, I need to look back myself to fully appreciate how far the space has come. 

So sad.  Like I said in my Week 1 post, this has been the space in my home that I've avoided tackling for the past thirteen years and it showed.  Well, not anymore...

Cameron Reynolds Photography
Cameron Reynolds Photography
Y'all, I feel like I live at Disney World.  For me this is the HAPPIEST place on earth.  
I'm obsessed with my new kitchen!  

First, if you're just joining the party and need to catch up on things, you can check out the backstory, the plan, the foundational elements, the soft selections and the special touches in my 
Week 1-7 posts linked below:

Week 1 - The Backstory
Week 2 - The Plan
 Week 3 - The Foundation
Week 5Cancelled

Renovating your kitchen (or any space for that matter) in the midst of a pandemic is a tall order, but thankfully uber anal me, started really early and had minimal delays in receiving product and getting things done.  I think in the end the only thing that didn't make it in time were my new upgraded electrical outlets and switches.  They've arrived now and I'll be adding them soon.  

My goal with this kitchen was to make it more functional for how I live (it wasn't far off there) and much more a reflection of who I am from a style perspective but also on a deeper level.   
Check out the video below to learn what I mean and to take a little tour. 

 From the start, I dubbed the project the Old, New, Borrowed, Blue Kitchen Redo.  This kitchen is a mix of old things like a vintage Duncan Phyfe dining table, my existing honey oak cabinets and a beautiful vintage Turkish rug and new things like my beautiful new Tile Shop floors and backsplash, Designmaster bar stools and custom drapery.  

Cameron Reynolds Photography
For as much as the space utilization remained, so many other things have changed.  Lighting plays a big role in the space.  It's something that I've learned to value more and more as I've grown as a designer.  Lighting definitely impacts my mood, so I added it in a number of new places in the space.  In addition to upgrading the existing lighting, I added a picture light above the commissioned art at the back door, a floor lamp in the corner near the bay window, a sconce atop the blue and white tile and a table lamp in the entry nook.  

One Room Challenge sponsor, Hudson Valley Lighting did not disappoint.  Ironically, they're one of my favorite vendors for client projects, so it was nice to get the opportunity to use them in my own home.

I went with a mixture of traditional and modern pieces, but all with a classic feel.

Cameron Reynolds Photography
I've loved the Mitzi lanterns since the first time I spotted them.  They come in a variety of colors but the white just seemed to work best here.  The Mitzi lamp is one of my favorite pieces.  I literally couldn't stop touching it when it came in.  It has the most delicious texture and mimics the Milton and King Tulip Seeds wallpaper motif. 

Cameron Reynolds Photography
While we're here, let's talk about this little corner, shall we?
For starters the wallpaper makes it so much more special.  The graphic large scale floral leaf pattern adds personality and installation (according to my wallpaper installers) was a breeze.
Creating some sort of landing zone was one of the things that was pretty high on my needs list. 

Art: Ray Hart Art and Photography: Cameron Reynolds Photography
It's tiny but it's mighty.  I adore the beautiful custom painted cabinet and metallic mirror from Wildwood Home

It provides the perfect storage for all of my everyday essentials.  It's so nice to be able to grab things just as I leave out the back door and to not have them pile up on the dining table.  

Art: Allison Ford Photography: Cameron Reynolds Photography
After things started to come together, I quickly realized I needed a landing spot for my purse too.  I had already began to hang it on the back of one of the dining chairs and that was NOT going to work.  I scoured Etsy for the perfect vintage addition and found it.  This little cane stool is too cute and guess what?  My purse is always on it. A place for EVERYthing and everything in its place.

Emtek Hardware came through big time with the most beautiful door hardware EVER!  Their selection was so good, I seriously had the hardest time settling on which to pick.  I landed on this beautiful satin brass deadbolt and knob from their American Classic collection.

Cameron Reynolds Photography
These upholstered doors are a whole mood.  
I'd been waiting on a place to add them in my home and this was it! 

Cameron Reynolds Photography
My laundry closet lives in my kitchen and these beautiful doors conceal them from the rest of the space.  Mark of Baity's Custom Upholstery did another amazing job with them and the custom cornice above my sink window.  I'm a textile girl and anywhere I can add a soft surface, I'm game!  The Addison Weeks hardware on these are a stunning addition that makes them total showstoppers.  Mark said they look like doors to my wine cellar.  I wish! Lol!  

Cameron Reynolds Photography
In terms of greater function, a tv cabinet was a MUST! What we created is simple, but really is a great substitute for that terrible little cabinet that used to live here and serve absolutely no purpose. 

Cameron Reynolds Photography
Now, it not only conceals my tv, but it also includes ample storage and a beautiful antiqued mirror provides a reflective surface to increase the light in the space.  

Cameron Reynolds Photography
As much as the kitchen is a mix of old and new, it also includes a little "borrowed" and a whole lot of of blue.  The tile was one of my very first selections.  I never doubted it for a moment.  Thank you Tile Shop! Yeah, it's a bold choice but hey, a designer lives here! I couldn't love it more.  It makes me so happy.  

Cameron Reynolds Photography
I decided early on to remove the singular upper cabinet that previously lived here but replaced it with these beautiful white oak floating shelves handmade by local firefighter and woodworker, Char'd Wood Woks.   

Art: Kelly O'Neal Photography: Cameron Reynolds Photography
They provide the perfect perch for several pieces of my grandma's Fiestaware (I guess that's my borrowed element) and a few other pretty things.  

Cameron Reynolds Photography
Probably the biggest surprise to many in this project was my decision to NOT paint the cabinets.  Do I regret it?  NOT A CHANCE! I love the warmth and depth they add to the space.  It's also pretty crazy what a BIG difference the modern black hardware from Schaub made on the cabinetry.  They do wonders for both the painted and wood-stained cabinets.  Oh and can we talk about my Cafe appliances?  

Cameron Reynolds Photography
I'll admit I'm not the biggest cook, but these appliances are the BOMB!  Having spent the last three months home and eating three meals a day here, I can say that with more confidence than I ever could have in the past.  All (except the microwave) are smart appliances and can be controlled from my smart phone.  I thought that was a bit much until I was chilling on the porch swing one evening and needed to preheat my oven for dinner.  Hello smart appliance app!  

Cameron Reynolds Photography
I'll also admit, it was hard for me to get excited about things like countertops and faucets; that is until I got new countertops and a new faucet.  I'm obsessed with my new quartz counters from Stoneworks.  They are light, bright, durable and easy to clean.  Build.com was gracious enough to provide my new Kohler sink and Delta faucet and matching strainer and disposal cap, p-trap and disposal.  These things are super important to the function of my new kitchen.  Build.com has the best selection of home improvement products including trending and traditional styles, unique finishes, and new technologies at competitive prices all in one place. Customers can find what they need to create their own personal style.  The selection really is pretty awesome. 
Cameron Reynolds Photography
You'd be surprised how motivating a new sink strainer is in helping you keep your sink clean of debris.  

Cameron Reynolds Photography
It's really hard to put into words how much I love this kitchen.  I can hardly wait until we all are a little more comfortable about being close to one another again.  I can't wait to host my peeps in the new space.  

Cameron Reynolds Photography
Until that time it's just me and you better believe, I'm enjoying every minute of it.  


Special thanks to Linda Weinstein, creator of the ORC and Better Homes and Garden Magazine.  To be asked to participate as a featured designer this spring was a huge honor and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity.  While it was my first time to participate, it likely won't be my last. 

Special thanks also goes to all of my sponsors.  This was certainly a team effort and I couldn't have pulled it off without the generous donations from the following vendors:

Thanks to you all for tuning in each week to check in on the project's progress and for your support and kind words here and on social media.  

Be sure to check out the reveals of this super talented group of fellow featured designers.  

Spring 2020 One Room Challenge - Week 7

Special Touches

Hey guys! I'm back this week during the final leg of the One Room Challenge™.  If you need to review or missed any of the blog posts, you can check them out here:

 Week 1 - The Backstory
Week 2 - The Plan
 Week 3 - The Foundation
Week 5Cancelled

I'm a firm believer that your home should, not only be functional and beautiful, but a reflection of the people who live there.  I always look for ways to infuse little pieces of my clients into their projects.  Since I'm now the client, the rules certainly don't change.  When my assistant and I sat down during my "initial consult" for the project, I talked about ways I wanted to incorporate meaningful elements into the space. For starters, I knew art would play a role.

Unfortunately I don't have much wall space in my kitchen. so I needed to be strategic in adding it where possible.  I'd stumbled upon Ray Hart last year while sourcing for a client project and fell in love with his very loose and abstract take on figurative art.  

Dwell by Cheryl Interiors 
This piece called "On One Accord" was perfect in my client's master bedroom.  I reached out to Ray asking if he'd be willing to sponsor a piece of art in my ORC project and he graciously agreed.  I'd spotted this colorful piece months prior and it immediately reminded me of my mom and sisters.  

It's called "Get Behind Us" and I love the colors almost as much as I love the resemblance to my family.  I figured it would be a great addition to my entry nook and I knew just how to elevate it.  If there's one thing I believe in, it's the power of a good framer.  Mine is amazing! When it arrived, I took it straight to her and we settled on this frame.  

The piece had a more modern feel to it, so I wanted to juxtapose that with something much more traditional and classic.  This beefy somewhat ornate black and gold frame was EXACTLY what I had in mind.  

I love it layered atop the graphic navy and white Milton & King wallpaper.  

Next, there was NO way I was doing this project without adding a piece from my absolute favorite artist, Allison Ford (Hello Allison Art).  I first reached out to Allison to collaborate with me on my Julian Price Showhouse project.  

Dwell by Cheryl Interiors
I'd found her on Instagram and adored here colorful abstract paintings.  I also loved that she lived just down the interstate in Greenville, SC.  We met for the first time while working on that project and have been collaborating ever since. 

Dwell by Cheryl Interiors
I approached her about creating something for the narrow space between my back door and larger window.  I knew it would need to be a custom commission because the size of the piece would be dictated by the space available.  

I'd already planned to add a light above her art to make it a little more special.  This small Holly picture light was exactly what the space needed.  
Mitzi Lighting 
 We worked to come up with a size and a scheme and she got to working doing what she does best. 

Once it was finished we needed to decide on the framing.  A simple floater seemed to make the most sense.  It was just a matter of which color. 



Turns out, it was actually neither.  If I was going to embrace the honey oak...I needed to embrace the honey oak! 

Love, Love, Love the final result.  When evening falls and that little light comes on, I couldn't be happier. 

Next up was official ORC sponsor Jill Rosenwald.  I wasn't familiar with Jill's work prior to this year, but I AM NOW!  Jill's business is a small team of potteristas, painters, and designers in Boston, Massachusetts.  Like me, they are BIG champions of pattern and color! The studio makes all of the pottery by hand. Every piece of pottery is made to order—handcrafted on the pottery wheel then drawn and painted by skilled artisans.  They use a creamy white earthenware that provides a smooth white canvas for their colorful patterns.  Then, each piece is finished with a coat of glossy clear glaze and a luxurious 14k gold rim.   Yes please! 

After checking out her site and offerings, I had to decide which piece I wanted to incorporate into my kitchen.  While scrolling her Instagram feed I spotted this beauty.   

I reached out and Jill informed me that she had a similar style in stock in the same color and print that might work for me.  She was right!  It's just perfect! 

Lastly, as the overall plan for my kitchen began to come together, I started to shift my focus to styling.  Because I wanted the space to feel pretty personal, I didn't want to run out and by a bunch of new stuff.  Of course, the option to do so (given Covid-19 closings) was pretty much off the table anyway.  

After my maternal Grandma passed in 2002, I inherited her collection of colorful Fiestaware.   I have a thing for dishes and to have the pieces that she loved so much makes my heart happy.  

Country Living - May 2019
It was featured last year in Country Living Magazine.  What a thrill!
With new open shelves coming in,  I started to wonder if some of the colors would work in my new space.  

Turns out, they did!  The periwinkle, persimmon and cobalt worked great, adding yet another layer of history and meaning to a space that was really starting to become something special. 

Stay tuned next week for the BIG reveal!  You don't want to miss this.  In the meantime, check out the final stretch for the other One Room Challenge Featured Designers linked below: 

Spring 2020 One Room Challenge - Week 6

Soft-scaping and Functional Solutions

After a week of pause, I'm back with another update of my One Room Challenge, Old, New, Borrowed, Blue Kitchen Redo project!
If by chance you're new here and need to catch up, check out the past posts linked below:

Week 1 - The Backstory
Week 2 - The Plan
 Week 3 - The Foundation
Week 5- Cancelled

This week, I'm breaking down some of the softer selections along with a couple of the more functional additions to the space.   Let's begin with seating, shall we?

  With the addition of the new overhang on the kitchen island, I was able to add a couple of bar stools.  I've long since wanted seating at my island but never got around to making it happen.  My kitchen isn't large, so I needed the stools to be pretty sleek in style, but I was dead set on having some sort of seat back.   I decided to reach out to one of our vendors to see if they'd be interested in working with me on the project.  To my delight, Designmaster was ALL in!  I'd stumbled upon them at High Point Market last year and had since began sourcing them for my client's dining seating.   

After combing through the endless selection of beautiful bar stools, I landed on the Madera counter stools.  The height was perfect, but the short and streamlined back also provided some support without taking up too much space.  I love that their stools come with the memory swivel which allows them to swivel but returns them to a straight position automatically.  
I knew that with the right color these could be some pretty awesome stools.   Not to mention, I had the option of adding a fancy nailhead trim.  Yes please!

The folks at Designmaster did a phenomenal job.  The Operations Manager even delivered them to my doorstep when they were done.  I mean, talk about top-notch service.  

They turned out even better than I imagined.  As if the stools weren't enough, Designmaster also agreed to supply me with four dining chairs to pair with my Magnolia banquette from the Belle by Cheryl Luckett collection for Sylvester Alexander.  

Here I needed something classic and simple.  I previously had a set of Louis chairs and I felt as if the squared back was the way to go again.  I landed on the Knollwood side chair.  One of the many reasons I love Designmaster is the fact that they offer Revolution Performance Fabric.  Crazy as it is, I've been the Brand Ambassador for Revolution for almost 3 years now and it wasn't until I added the Magnolia banquette that I actually owned any in my own home.  I was certain my dining chairs would be Revolution, so I went with their classic base cloth, Grande.

We dressed things up with a contrasting welt and I think it adds just the right touch.  Did I mention that these are the most comfortable dining chairs EVER? 

Once the seating was settled on, I needed to figure out my rug.  I went back and forth trying to source the right one for the main dining area.  I was pretty sure I was going vintage on the runner so the larger rug needed to be a quiet one.  In the end, the winner was a simple, navy, bordered wool rug that anchors the area and adds a dark rich layer to the space.  

You know they say, good things come to those who wait.  They're right!  I had completely given up on the right size and color vintage rug appearing in the inventory at Rug Lords in time for this project.  I'd spoken with the owner back in February about sponsoring a rug for my space but after waiting months on the perfect size and color to arrive (thanks Covid-19), I had to abandon the plan and start looking online.  I'd found an option and actually ordered it when this beauty popped in my IG feed. 

Rug Lords
It was perfect!  But I'd already ordered one. 😫
I reached out anyway and confirmed the sizing and decided to try it out "on approval".  After sleeping on it, I knew it was the one and I circled back with the online vendor and was fortunately able to cancel my order just in time.   Yay!

Such a beautiful addition to the space.  

Now, let's talk upholstery.  If you know me, you know it's not a DBC project until Mark Baity of Baity's Custom Upholstery get's his hands on it.  So, needless to say, my kitchen project was no exception.  I called Mark in to help me with a window cornice and a set of upholstered doors. 

I found the cornice design online and we made a few tweaks.  The fabric was selected really early on in the project but I decided at the last minute to add the blue Brentwood Textiles welt.  

Mark NEVER disappoints.  I couldn't love this cornice more.   In addition, I've been obsessed with upholstered doors since I did them in a client project a couple of years ago.   So when it came time to decide what I was doing with my laundry closet doors, this seemed the logical option. 

With so much going on in this kitchen, we opted for a classic design (Shocker, I know!), but we glammed them up with this STUNNING Addison Weeks Hardware.  

Addison Weeks
This is the Enamel Star Backplate and the Scallop Knob from the Michelle Nussbaumer collection.  I am absolutely obsessed with this hardware!

Like I said.  Mark NEVER disappoints...

In terms of function in the kitchen, I needed to address the sad area above my fridge.  It had a small (unreachable) cabinet above it that was good for ABSOLUTELY nothing.  

We worked with a local cabinet maker to craft something that would provide additional storage and house my tv as well.  

In order to maximize the light in the space, we added antiqued mirror to the doors and a decorative mullion detail to spice it up a bit. 

Another shoutout goes to Baity's Custom Upholstery for being my last-minute solution for these.  Delayed shipping issues and a few fails on the part of some local businesses had me scurrying to make this element happen. 

Here's what the cabinet looks like.  I tried my old tv in it for size and I love how it works.  

I'm loving the look of it and how it completely conceals the new tv.  It's in the perfect spot for cooking and viewing and with the addition of a pull-out tray is visible from the banquette seating too. 

I mentioned in my first post the need for a landing zone at my back entrance.  I was desperately in need of a place to drop my keys and glasses, purse and other essentials as well as a place to check myself on the way out.  

I reached out to my friends at Wildwood Home and they graciously agreed to help me with this cute little corner.  
Wildwood Home
I ended up selecting this beautiful Pomegranate Blossom Mirror. It features an interlinked pomegranate blossom design inspired by an ancient Indian necklace in The Museum Of New Mexico. (Love that!)

Next, I needed a small cabinet for storage.  Needless to say, I wanted something colorful and with Wildwood's Custom Color Collection, the options were only limited to the multitude of colors available through Benjamin Moore. 

I went with a rich golden color called Apple Crisp that helped to tie back to the kitchen accents and seating.  Little did I know how amazing the color would actually look on the piece when I was done. 

I love it!  I love it all!

Stay tuned until next week when I'll be sharing all of the personal touches that are making this kitchen my own.  In the meantime, check out the other featured designer's posts...

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