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"If My Outfit Was a Room: Reader Edition"

Last week, on my "If My Outfit Was a Room" post, I encouraged you guys to send me a picture of you in an outfit you'd like to see as a room. 

Brittany of South Carolina sent me a picture of she and her new hubby on her (St. Patrick's Day) birthday sporting a palette that she loves.  You may recall that Brittany was the winner of my March giveaway.  She purchased this rug from Rugs USA as a result.

Rugs USA

So, she'd love to use this rug as the base for a room inspired by one of her favorite outfits.



I absolutely love Brittany's mint and mauve color combo.  So here's my best guess at what her outfit would look like as a room.....

Brittany currently has a dark sofa (not sure her husband would go for a pink one), but I think she could achieve a similar look with the addition of two light colored occasional chairs.  Additionally, the print in the drapes is very similar to the rug she owns.  I'd simply take the stripe from the rug and make it the drapes.  I'm also thinking that a coral probably works better with her existing rug.

Fabric Source

Not sure if they're up for repainting, but if not I would also suggest an art piece that pulls out the minty color she likes so much. 

Home Decorators

And of course pillows....
House of Jawi

Special thanks to Brittany!  Hope this helps.

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Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

I absolutely LOVE the post Cheryl!!! The room is perfect!! This is truly the perfect guide to our new room! Thank you so much for the inspiration! I love it!!


LasseNielsen said... Reply To This Comment

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