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Client Reveal! Master Bedroom Upgrade

Before I officially launched Dwell by Cheryl, I had a few brave souls volunteer to be my guinea pigs. Two of them, were friends of mine who had recently given their master bedroom a quick update with a new paint color and bedding.  However, after painting and buying new bedding, they realized they were at a loss for what to do next. So, they asked if I could help them finish things off. 

I realize that it's been a few months now since this project was completed, but I thought it was worth sharing the result with you.  I think these before and after pics are an excellent example of how BIG improvements can be made with VERY little investment.  Working with the homeowner's existing furniture (all of which needed to be kept), this was a SUPER low cost project but I think the result is no less dramatic.

This was one of my very first idea boards....

And here it is......




  • Window treatments and art work make a BIG difference.  They're like jewelry and shoes to an outfit.  Without them, the room just looks unfinished. 

  • A focal point of above the bed, like this very inexpensive sunburst mirror, repainted in a coordinating metallic finish, gives the room a quick and modern pick me up.

  • The lamps provide balance.  Although they are at different levels, the fact that they are the same provides a sense of asymmetrical balance that was desperately needed.

Bottom line; It doesn't take tons of money to give a room a great upgrade

Special thanks to Mary Beth Groome of MEG Photography.  Also, thanks for the great feedback on the last reveal.  Be sure to leave your comments here instead of emailing so all readers can view them.  Did you like this reveal?  Let me know, I'd love to hear from you.  

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