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Easter Color Extravaganza: Tickled Pink!

 There's something so nostalgic about Easter week; all the memories of Bobby socks and egg hunts, Easter dresses and speeches, bonnets and sunrise service. 

Easter 1980?
Charri Luckett (Left), Me (Right) and
Chaundra Luckett (Not pictured/born)
And most of all the color.....

This week, I thought I'd focus on the festive colors on this sacred season.  Today's post is sponsored by the color PINK!  It's my absolute favorite color. 

Typically we hear pink and we think little girls, but pink can be grown up too.  I love the idea of using it in the dining room......

House Beautiful

Or as an accent color in a room with a very neutral palette.....

And we know how much I like a closet and what more perfect use for the color pink.....

Drake Design Associates
How 'bout a bright pink front door.  Hopefully you'll have more luck than I did....
(Read more here)

Original Source Unknown

It's being used on many playfully sophisticated fabrics.....

Pink Ikat Shower Curtain

and I love how often I'm seeing it on upholstered pieces.....
Home Goods

Home Decorators

And just so you know I'm seriously contemplating a pink and grey master bath.  My walls are already pink, so I'm halfway there.

Elisabeth Michael

Even though I love it, it's not goof proof.  Here are a few safe bets in terms of paint colors.

Benjamin Moore- Glamour Pink

Benjamin Moore Elephant Pink

Sherwin Williams- Romance

Until next time...

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