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Easter Color Extravaganza: Mellow Yellow!

I so remember getting baby chicks for Easter.  Awh, fresh eggs... The good ol' days.

Yellow is most certainly one of the hottest colors this Spring.  These pieces are currently on my wish list.  

Pieced Waist Pencil Skirt
The Limited

Women's Zetta Solid Rain Boots - Yellow
Luxe Leather City Bag
Ann Taylor

A quick Internet search to some of the popular design retailers reveals homepages that look like this one. 


Recently I posted the idea board for a nursery I'm finishing up, so you know how much I'm loving yellow and grey right now.  But, grey isn't the only color that looks great with yellow.  Check out this fresh yellow, white and green combo.

I'm actually a bit surprised that I like this yellow, white and blue scheme. 

I have a color very similar to this one on my kitchen walls, but I really wish it was on my cabinets.  How cute....

With so many variations, yellow is also one of those colors that can go horribly wrong pretty quickly (i.e. school bus yellow).  So be careful.  And, when in doubt, try adding it to your existing scheme or a neutral color palette for a quick update. 

Lamps Plus

I'm so totally in love with this chair.  

What color is left in the Easter Color Extravaganza?  You'll have to wait and see....

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