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"A Brasstown Break"

Well, vacation is over and it's back to the grind.  I'm not complaining at all because I had an awesome time relaxing last week with one of my dear friends.  It was so awesome that I've decided to share the experience with you.

We ventured to what I have to believe is one of Georgia's best kept secrets.  Brasstown Valley is this quaint resort and spa tucked neatly away in the picturesque North Georgia mountains. 

The views were absolutely amazing.  I was looking for one of those destinations where the goal is to do absolutely nothing, or at least very little and this place hit the nail on the head. 

Between lounging by the pool and enjoying the spectacular spa services...

...it was the perfect place to get in a little rest and relaxation.  Likely our favorite part of the trip was coincidentally the outing that almost wasn't.  At the recommendation of a shop owner, we ventured a few miles away to the Crane Creek Winery.  I'll be honest, we had pretty low expectations for this small town winery and thought we'd find not much more than a backyard garden with a few grapevines. 

Boy were we WRONG.

I had to remind myself that I wasn't in Tuscany a couple of times.  Seriously, how did we not know about this place?  The view from the vineyard's deck was just the tip of the iceberg. 

The wine was unbelievably yummy, and we're pretty tough critics. 

You know it's not a trip unless I go shopping, so yes we worked in a little thrifting too.  I love checking out the local home décor fare.  Certainly a rustic (even Native American) flare was noticeable.

But there were your typical thrift stores as well.  I scored these vintage hobnail pendants for $3.00 each!

I still can't get over the beautiful scenery.  It was so beautiful that I even looked into real estate properties.  Hey, you never know when you'll be ready to buy a second home.

All in all, the trip was just what I needed, and it didn't hurt that I was able to share it with a great friend, snowcones and boiled peanuts included. 

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Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

That looks like SO much fun and so pretty! Glad you had a great trip!

Yolanda said... Reply To This Comment

WOW!!! How did I miss this? Glad you enjoyed an awesome get away and some well desrved R&R. Thanks for sharing, I've been waitng for you to get back so I can tell my girl friends.

Shelly said... Reply To This Comment

Sounds like a great trip. Thanks for sharing this spot with us. I had never heard of this place before and now it's on my to-do list.

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

You captured the trip perfectly, one of my favorites that we've done! Thank you for being my true friend!
"Sweet Friendship refreshes the soul." Proverbs 27:9

Jennifer {Pure & Simple} said... Reply To This Comment

Looks like ya'll had a blast! Love that you did a little shopping and a little venturing but mainly relaxing. :)

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

Those pendants!!!!! JEALOUS!!! Woo hoo on your R&R!

April said... Reply To This Comment

So, so glad you were able to kick back and relax! Looked like you truly got to rejuvenate. Missed you, though!

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