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Color Inspiration: Navy and Coral

I hit the pavement this weekend heading to yard sales and estate sales.  Fun! Scored some great deals.  If you follow me on Instagram, you've likely seen several of them, if not I'll be sharing the a little later.  Today, I'm gathering inspiration for one of the projects I'm about to begin. 

I've found that getting started and the actual installation are the most nerve racking parts of the design process.  I think the issue with getting started is the fact that there are SO many options.  I like to start by perusing Houzz for inspiration.  My last project....
Was actually inspired by this one....
Some times it's the smallest thing that get my wheels turning and in this case it was the green,white and black color combo and the sofa fabric.  Now I'm back at it again and I'm really feeling navy and coral. 


I'm sure it doesn't hurt that the two are complements but I love the rich navy with the vivid orangy hue. 
I'm also liking the idea of a navy sofa.  The color is dark, which is great for families with young kids, but not nearly as harsh as black. 

Anyway,  just starting to collect my thoughts.  I can't wait to show you what I come up with.  Stay tuned and Happy Monday! 

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