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Holiday Recap and the Family Photo Shoot

I can't believe it's back to the grind today.  I shouldn't complain since I had two full weeks off from the day job and Dwell by Cheryl.  It was delightful.  This holiday season seemed a bit more relaxing than those in the past.  Not sure if it was the abbreviated season or my more simplified approach. 
I vowed to focus on the important things; family and friends.

I had a great time hanging out with old friends....

and hosting a few newer ones.....

And I spent lots of time with my family. 

Celebrating my parent's 45th Anniversary

In fact, we decided (my lil sis decided) this fall that we'd take new family photos over the Christmas holidays.  Of course, as usual, I was tasked with coordinating the wardrobe for the shoot.  Sounds simple, but dressing grown folk ain't exactly easy.

Thankfully, it worked out in the end.  I'm so glad we've made taking family photos a priority over the past several years.  I know it's something we'll all treasure, especially as we get older.  And let's face it, it's not something that families without small children actually do very often, if at all.

Lisa of Lisa Stringer Photography (my HS classmate) did an awesome job despite the fact that neither of my parents were really feeling it.  Mom had an eye infection and a bum knee and Dad, well I think he would've preferred to be watching Judge Judy. At least they didn't have to go far since we took the photos in the front yard.

Anyway, we're pretty pleased with the result.


I hope you all had a wonderful time during the holidays.  Here's to a new year that exceeds your wildest imagination.  Cheers!

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Kim said... Reply To This Comment

Beautiful family pictures!!!

April said... Reply To This Comment

All of the photos are lovely, but I must say I think your dad's face in the 45th anniversary picture is priceless!

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