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Friday Find: Happy Chic!

First, let me start by apologizing for my infrequent posts.  You'd think with a couple of snow days I would have had plenty of time.  I guess with classes starting up again, I haven't quite found my rhythm.  Nevertheless, I popping in today to share with you another great retail find at, what would seem an unlikely source. 

My grandmother used to LOVE JCPenney.  Seriously, she loved it.  Growing up, we spent almost every weekend in the mall and the trip wasn't complete without a stop in "Penney's".  I think her favorite was their home department.  Yep, I get it honestly.  I still own linens from Penney's that are over a decade old.  Now that's quality. 

JCP has totally stepped up their game in every way.  I've always been a fan, honestly.  I love when I can go places that are not high on other people's radar.  JCP has always been one of those often overlooked retailers.  I think many still view it as a place for Grandma.  Well, get ready for your view to change.  This ain't your Grandma's JCPenney. 

This Christmas my BFF gave me this awesome Jonathan Adler book. 

I've always been attracted to his designs with all of the lively color.  Well guess what?

Yep, he now has an affordable line at JCP!  It's been out for a while now, and somehow I've managed to NOT see it in person yet.  However it's pretty high up on my to do list.  Isn't it awesome!  The prices aren't bad either and several items are now on CLEARANCE!!! 

I've pulled together a few of my favorites from the website.

Happy chic indeed! 

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LaShaun said... Reply To This Comment

I had no clue he had a collection at JCP! I will be checking that out ASAP.

andersonkristi69 said... Reply To This Comment

Penney's! Yes, that was our hangout. Memories!

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