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"Everybody can be Great....Everybody can Serve"

For the past couple of years, a family member (who shall remain nameless) has been on me for not making service a part of my MLK Day plans.  While it's something that I wouldn't mind doing, the holiday always seems to be the perfect time to catch up on things, but NO more.  This year I'm not taking the day OFF, I'm making it a day ON. 

Without a doubt, Dr. King's contributions made a huge impact on our country, and instead of spending the day in quite reflection of his legacy, I've decided to make an impact of my own. 

I knew I wanted to volunteer somewhere connected to my passion. Often when we think of volunteering, we immediately think of the homeless shelter, the food bank, the soup kitchen, but there are lots of places to volunteer and lots of non-profits that would welcome the help. 

I'm spending the morning at the Habitat ReStore in Cabarrus County.   Where else?  I'm not sure what I'll be doing yet, but whatever it is, I'll be helping my community since all proceeds from the ReStore go towards building affordable houses through local Habitat for Humanity affiliates.  For me, that's surely worth my time. 

Dr. King declared that "...everybody can be great, because everybody can serve".  I like that idea; greatness linked to service.   

How will you spend your day?  Join me in making this a day ON.  Found out how. Click HERE.

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