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"A Surprising Source"

Hi all!  I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend.  I'd like to say that I got some rest and relaxation, but I can't.  You know it's true what they say, design is never done.  I had hoped to be able to reveal my living room makeover today, but unfortunately stenciling the longest wall in your house is a very time consuming project to complete.  The best I can do is offer a sneak peek.

I think I'm really going to love the finished product.  Here's hoping I can get it done soon. My living room is a wreck. 

In other news, I stumbled upon this awesome storage ottoman last week while surfing the web. 
I've been looking for a set of two for a little entry makeover I'm working on.  I loved the fact that these were small but sturdy, offered ample storage inside and were covered in a modern yet neutral fabric.


They also received really great buyer reviews online and the price was unbeatable.  You'll never guess where I got them....

Yep.  That's what I said.  I know we're all obsessed with Target and their super cool on-trend options but you may want to give Wal-Mart a second look.  Now, I have to admit, I am NOT a Wal-Mart fan (for numerous reasons), but after perusing their website, I stumbled upon a number of winners. 

1  2  3  4  5 
Wal-Mart's website actually sells merchandise for a number of other more expensive sites like Wayfair, but the Wal-Mart branded items still offer the best pricing.  I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised with their options.  My shopping philosophy has always been a leave no stone unturned kind of approach.  Let's just say I may have just found a new stone. 

Have you purchased any great home décor items at Wal-Mart lately?

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Jennifer (Pure and Simple Organizing) said... Reply To This Comment

LOVE the stencil choice! And those finds are pretty cute for Wal-Mart!

Charri said... Reply To This Comment

Wal-Mart...who knew? The wall is looking great!

House Envy said... Reply To This Comment

The stencil looks great thus far! I got ottomans similar at Meijer (Walmart like chain) and they are awesome. Great storage and fabric. Its funny those things used to be so pricey and still are some places so its nice that these stores are taking a stab at making them for less. Good luck on your space!

House Envy

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