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"My Go-To Source for Unique Finds"

Metrolina Expo Antiques and Collectibles Show has become one of my go-to sources for unique home decor items and accessories.  I've officially become a regular.  Earlier this month, my intern Anna and I headed out to pick up a few things for a client project and spotted so many unique items that I thought I'd pull them all together in a post. 
It certainly seemed that space-saving pieces were the theme of the day.  I'm a little sick over the fact that I passed on these awesome FOLDING cane chairs.  How cool are they?
The fact that they fold down for easy storage was just a bonus.  Can you believe they were going for $100 for the pair?
I also loved this triangular folding table.  Wasn't wild about the color, but I loved the drop leaf corners.

We spotted a number of quirky and unique items like this tree stump organizer.  I think it has an Anthropologie vibe about it.
And how about making your place look like a million bucks, with a million bucks literally.  Yep that's $1,000,000 in shredded bills. I think the thought of all that money just sitting around in an unusable state would really irritate me, so I'll pass, but I've got to admit its unique.

And how cool is this cabinet made completely from doors?

The front, the sides...

and even the back are all doors.

Like I said, it's become my go-to for great accessories and unique finds.  However, this month I was focused on client projects so I only ended up with this little fly for myself.
...and of course, you know where that ended up.   

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Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Love all the unique finds. To me, that's what makes a house feel like home!

Vel Criste said... Reply To This Comment

I was just thinking of grabbing that fly if I could! Wish I could go here someday!

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