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"Autumn Updates: Ready for a Change"

Swooo! It's been a rough week. I apologize for the infrequent and less than in depth blog posts this week.  I've got a lot going on, to say the least.  Today, I'm just popping in to share with you the quick update I'm giving my master bedroom.

I've grown tired of the current space.  Not sure if it's the seasons changing or the fact that after six years, my style is beginning to change.  Whatever the case, I've decided to go with a warmer color scheme for fall and winter. 

As a decorator, you can accumulate a lot of things in your stash that come in handy when you decide to update your own home.  I actually picked up this Spring Sparrow Pottery Barn duvet cover at a warehouse sale for nearly nothing a few months ago.  I had no idea that it was Pottery Barn when I purchased it or what I would do with it, but the price was too insanely cheap to pass on.

Pottery Barn
I'd been stalking the matching pillow shams on the PB website and lo and behold, they went on sale today so I scooped them up.
Pottery Barn
I actually found bedside lamps similar to those pictured above at Goodwill a month or so ago and picked them up for $5 each.  I also had some medium sized square lamp shades that I ended up not using in a client project recently that worked perfectly with the wall mounted lamps.

Bed Bath and Beyond
I also scored a pair of these natural drapery panels at the same warehouse sale.  I really need four for my bedroom windows, but I've decided to cut them in half to create smaller panels since the windows are pretty narrow anyway.  I picked up a couple of cream twin sized flat sheets on clearance and I'm having the new "half" panels lined so that they are more opaque.

I stumbled upon these awesome framed fern shadow box art pieces for $4.99 each at Goodwill.

They've added just the natural look I'd hope to create and work really well with the bird duvet.

Now I just need to update a couple of accessories and I'll be all set.  Can't wait to share with you how it turns out.  More to come...

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You are an awesome bargain shopper! Love the sparrow bedding.

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