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"Inspired by a Master" (Giveaway Day!)

This weekend I had an opportunity to visit Mrs. Howard/Max & Company's Charlotte location.  My professor actually works there, so I got the grand tour.  I have only one word:  WOW!

It was absolutely unbelievably beautiful.  I don't think I've ever experienced so many beautiful things in a single location.  If you're not familiar with Mrs. Howard, she's pretty much an interior design icon, especially here in the south. 

Phoebe Howard

You may have come across her new monthly column in Southern Living called "Dear Mrs. Howard".  Her store, if you can even call it that, is fantastic!  It's more like a home (formerly the Charlotte Women's Club) where you can just happen to purchase items as you peruse the two-story mansion. 

I took so many pictures I started to forget what I shot and what I hadn't.  Unfortunately, I forgot my camera (rookie mistake) and had to settle for sub par Ipad pictures. 

Hopefully, when I need a little inspiration I can look past that.  For you however, I decided to share a few pictures from her website

Honestly, I saw enough to write about 10 blog post, but for the purpose of this one, I'm going to stick with sisal.  I couldn't help but notice how many rooms had rugs on top of rugs, something that I've never hesitated to do.  However, it seemed that Mrs. Howard did it most often with sisal underneath.

Mrs. Howard

Mrs. Howard

Mrs. Howard

There's something fresh, natural and organic about sisal.  I love it's durability and it's versatility.  It's readily available in lots of sizes and lots of price points. 

6x9 Brown Cotton Border Panama Sisal Rug, Tan | World Market
World Market
Home Decorators
Hand-woven Sisal Beige Rug (8' Round)

Rugs USA
A couple of spaces even had wall to wall sisal installed as a carpet, which I really loved.  Nevertheless, my trip just further reinforced for me the power of a rug to really ground a space and delineate areas within a dwelling. 

So, speaking of rugs, (drum roll please.......), it's giveaway time again!  This month, Rugs USA was generous enough to offer one lucky reader their choice of three fabulous rugs. 

  • The first and probably my favorite is a 4 X 6 classic jute option.  Reminds me of the sisals I spoke about.

Classic Home Handspun Jute 3006 Natural Rug

  • The second option is more traditional, but beautiful nonetheless.  It's a 4 X6 hand tufted 100% wool rug.   

  • The third and final option is a 3'6" X 5'6" red Kilim.  Very Turkish and very now!

Classic Home Europa Kilims AE4792 Red Rug

So, How do you win?

  1. Post about the Dwell by Cheryl giveaway (by referencing @dwellbycheryl or www.dwellbycheryl.com) on your Facebook page or Twitter  to encourage your friends to become subscribers and let me know that you did by leaving me a comment.
2.       Visit the RugsUSA site and let me know which of their fabulous rugs you like
best by leaving a comment
3.       "Like" Rugs USA on Facebook and let me know by leaving a comment.

REMEMBER all giveaways are for Dwell by Cheryl confirmed subscribers.
Facebook ONLY followers must subscribe to the blog first to win. 
(In other words, if you don’t get the blog in your inbox you haven’t subscribed)
The winner will be announced on Friday, March 23, 2012.
Good Luck!

P.S.  Not sure how to leave a comment?  Read how at the end of this POST

15 Comments - Click here to join the conversation!:

Nadia said... Reply To This Comment

Wow!!! So many to choose from. One of many that I simply adore...Chandra Rugs Thomas Paul TP 8 Rug. Would look great in my den.

Nadia said... Reply To This Comment

I have entered ALL 3 ways.

Nadia said... Reply To This Comment

One more comment...I SO love the ideas above, but they aren't kid friendly per se. How can I incorportate the ideas while making it safe for my son?

Dana said... Reply To This Comment

Great blog. Referred by Bonnie Moody

Bonnie Moody said... Reply To This Comment

I have register all 2 ways and the last fulfillment is my rug choice.... After your outdoor room blog... I purchase the Rugs USA Patio and Porch Outdoor Traditional Lace and I've been "eye-ing" the Rugs USA Patio and Porch Outdoor Illusions Rug!

Dwell by Cheryl said... Reply To This Comment

Very cool selections guys. I do love their rugs. So many rugs, so little time....
Good Luck!

Elena Vo said... Reply To This Comment



Elena V


Elena Vo said... Reply To This Comment

My favorite rug from the website is the Radiante Vividity Blue Rug.

Elena V

Stefanie Janine said... Reply To This Comment

I tweeted about the contest! (@juhneenee)


Stefanie Janine said... Reply To This Comment

I love the Serendipity Zebra rug!


Stefanie Janine said... Reply To This Comment

I liked both Rugs USA and Simbiosis on FB... your link was to Simbiosis but you said to like Rugs USA so I wasn't sure which!


Dwell by Cheryl said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks guys for registering!

Charri said... Reply To This Comment

I like the Rugs USA Santa Ana Bold Paisleys Ivory Rug.

Victoria Sharpe said... Reply To This Comment

I like the Keno Modern Damask Red Rug on Rugs USA.

Angee Johnson said... Reply To This Comment

My favorite Rug on the Rugs USA website is the Keno Shaggy White Rug.

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