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"Latest Project: All Systems Go!"

I had an opportunity to meet with my newest client this week to get approval on the direction we'll move for the Master Bedroom project. 

I began with selecting a color scheme.  If you recall, I typically start with some sort of inspiration piece.  In this case it was a pillow that I happened upon, that drew me in. 

It immediately appealed to me as the perfect jumping off point.

So, with that in mind, the wheels started turning and here's the idea board I presented.....

Thankfully it received the thumbs up, with the exception of the white bedding.  For obvious reasons, white bedding always scares people.  I've had an all white bedroom before and I currently have a white coverlet.  I've got one word for all you scaredy cats: "Bleach".  And I can hear you saying, "And we have one word for you: "Kids".  I know, I know.  

I digress.  Lastly, remember these from the Goodwill Ambassador post?

I've got big plans for them.  Stay tuned.......

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