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"Nature's Mood Lifter"

Yes, I've been known to go out in my yard in the rain to cut branches from a blooming Bradford Pear tree.  Such was the case yesterday, when I couldn't resist the fluffy white blooms peering at me through the living room window. 

The truth is, I LOVE flowers.  I think they're nature's Prozac; instant mood lifters.  How could I resist free ones growing in your front yard?  Furthermore, why would I want to?   It's by far one of my favorite things about Spring and Summer for that matter. 

I can't help but wonder am I the only one that's take advantage of the seasonal transition this time of year?  There are all sorts of trees and bushes blooming around town, and I shutter to think that so many likely neglect the opportunity to reap the benefits.

With blooms this beautiful, I don't even think matters the vase.  You can't loose.

So what if my neighbors think I'm crazy for cutting branches in the rain.  I get to bring a little bit of Spring indoors, even if the weather doesn't exactly feel like it outside. 

Blooming branches today and blooming flowers very soon.  Until then...

... it looks like the grocery store versions will have to do. 
So what do you have blooming that you could snip and bring indoors? 
Stay tuned, our annual amateur gardener extraordinaire, Bonnie will be with us soon to share some of her tips for Spring gardening. I can't wait!  Missed her post last year or the year before?  Check them out below.

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Brandi said... Reply To This Comment

Such pretty branches, Cheryl! I wish I had access to so many blooms. Your neighbors sound like my neighbors! I know they think I'm crazy taking pictures outside all the time! LOL!!!

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