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"Friday Find: JCP!"

My Grandma rocked!  She was super sassy and super stylish.  She's probably where I got my love for design.  One of her favorite places to shop was JCPenney.  She LOVED it.

Honestly, I never really understood it.  We'd go on Saturday's and stay half the day shopping through the clothing, shoes, accessories and especially the housewares.  I bet every sheet, towel and drape my Grandma ever purchased came from "Penney's", as she affectionately called it.  Would you believe that I still own towels from JCP that I got for graduation from High School?  Let's just say that was a lonnnng time ago.

Well after visiting three locations in the past two weeks, I finally get it Grandma.  Penney's has great stuff!  Not long ago I blogged about the new Jonathan Adler, Happy Chic line at JCP....

...but the store is not just a one hit wonder.  The great finds extended beyond the Happy Chic collection.  Check out these awesome DOWN FILLED throw pillows on clearance for $15.99.  In some places that will barely get you the 20 x 20 down insert.

I was stunned at the rug assortment at the largest of the three locations.  Needless to say, I quickly zeroed in on the ones on clearance. 

Who knew Pantone had bedding?
Several items on this clearance shelf came home with me and will be making an appearance very soon.
I nearly passed out when I rounded a corner a spotted these Happy Chic tufted furniture pieces, all of which are available online. 

Some of the upholstered pieces were even customizable with different fabrics.  Such a cute modern option.  Not exactly what you'd expect from JCP, right?

Now, before you tell me that your JCP doesn't have stuff this good, allow me to make a few points:
  • I went to 3 locations to find the items pictured above.  One of the locations was an hour a way from my home.
  • Most of what you see here was strategically placed, in the back corner, on the bottom shelf, around the bend, far away from the main display areas.  Basically, if you want the deals you've got to look for them.
  • www.jcp.com has a clearance section as well and much of what I purchased in the store is also available online.
So, there you have it.  You heard it here first.  This ain't your Grandma's JCPenney and apparently mine either. Happy Friday!

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andersonkristi69 said... Reply To This Comment

Penney's! Those are great memories. WOW!

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