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Top Decorating Mistake #3

I hope you all had a great Valentine's Day.  So sorry I haven't been able to post in the last couple of days.  I've had some Internet issues that pretty much shut everything down.  What did we do without the world wide web anyway? 

Well, I'm back today with yet another decorating mistake and this one is a BIGGIE!  I must preface this by saying, don't shoot the messenger because this one will undoubtedly step on a few toes.


Top Decorating Mistake #3.....

The Contour Bathroom Rug (a.k.a.  The Bacteria Bib)

Yep, that rug that's shaped to fit snugly around the base of your toilet, it's gross.  Just think about it for a moment.  Do you really want a rug beneath the very spot where...stuff happens?  That rug is literally a bacteria bib for whatever happens to miss the target, splash out or overflow.  Yuck!


There are a number of other options that can easily be used to provide a little comfort underfoot in el bano. 

The Runner

Runners are great options because often the floor space in the bathroom is long and narrow.  Runners are typically around 2 1/2 ft wide and come in various lengths, and they provide an excellent opportunity to add some visual interest, pattern and/or color to a space that is often lacking all of the above. 

Here are a couple of great options available at Rugs USA, one of my go-to sources for great rugs.

Rugs USA
Rugs USA

The Area Rug


For a larger space, a regular area rug works great in the bathroom.  Don't feel confined to the use of a bath rug in the bathroom.  Area rugs and even outdoor rugs work well in any space.  Smaller area rugs even work in small bathrooms like mine.

Two for One

Two rugs for one bathroom is a great option for the double vanity bath.  I would make sure that when using this option you choose identical or matching rugs for a symmetrical and pulled together look.

Just so you know I'm not the only one, feel free to Google "contour bath rug" and see how many decorating mistakes articles you come up with.  Start to notice how difficult it is to find these things too.  The word is out people.  In the name of all things clean and sanitized, don't be left behind on this one. 
: ) Happy Friday!

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