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"And the Winner Is...."

This weekend I had an opportunity to visit Nancy to pick out some fabric for my new (to me) sofa.  I'm finally ready to upgrade.  I knew I wanted something with a natural look but that was totally durable.  I love the look of this, but linen is completely out of the question.


This isn't a formal living room sofa, I actually live on it, nap on it, blog on it, and eat on it. Durability is a must!
While perusing, I came across several contenders.  This first option was nice.  I like the texture and the weight but it looked too light to me.  I could see me waking up from a nap only to realize that my mascara had smeared on it.  Lol!

This next option was SUPER soft, but again way too light.  Both worked well with the current accent pillows though.

The third option was darker, but not too dark, which I really liked.  Unfortunately, its taupe hue seemed to clash with the pillows. 

And finally, there it was, the perfect fabric for my new sofa.  I knew immediately we had a winner.  It's light but not too light, textured with flecks of gold (not very visible here), that work perfectly with the existing throw pillows.   

Best of all, it's going to look GREAT on this...

via Craigslist
Yep, I think I finally decided on a sofa too.  I know, just trust me.  It's going to be great!  I think I'm skipping the tufting.  As much as I love it, I think it might be too busy with the print pillows and do I really want to be vacuuming fried chicken crumbs out of the tufting every other week? I know, I should probably eat at the table, not to mention back away from the fried chicken.  : )   I'm also planning to add a nailhead trim to jazz it up a bit. 
So excited to be changing out the oversized sofa.  Big Red has done her job and now it's time to pass the torch.
Off to Craigslist she goes....
New things to come and I can't wait!!!

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