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"Friday Find: Fiddle-Leaf Fig"

Since the new year, I've had a big dark corner in my living room. 

Now that the Christmas tree is all put away, there is a huge void and let's just say, it's driving me crazy. 

I hate that the corner is not only bare, but it's also dark.  To be honest, I'm a little stumped by how to fix it.  I may need to rethink the furniture arrangement.  I can't put a floor lamp there, which would seem the obvious choice, because there is an end table with a large lamp just to the right of the chair.

I've been contemplating purchasing a Fiddle Leaf Fig tree.  Have you seen them?  It seems like every time I open a catalog or magazine, there one is. 


I recently read where one blogger called them "chic greenery".  You've got to admit, they do look pretty darn chic and let's face it, they put the traditional Ficus to shame (this one is actually a Ficus too).  I've also noticed that they always seemed to be positioned near the window.  So I checked, and they like abundant but not direct light (whatever that means). You can read more about care HERE

They are available at places like:

It's a thought.  But, it's not like this is going to solve my dark corner issue, but it would be pretty cool to have one.  What do you think?  Where's Bonnie, the gardening expert, when you need her?

Happy Friday!
By the way, I've got a big install on Saturday, wish me luck....

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