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Inspired by the 2012 Olympics

So, I've been glued to the television these last couple of weeks.  That's probably why the blog posts have been a little sparse lately.  It's so hard to pull yourself away from these amazing athletes.

Gabby Douglas via VH1.com

Walsh and May-Treanor Source

Richards-Ross Source

Cullen Jones via
You can't  help but watch them and be inspired.  Ok, maybe not inspired to somersault off a balance beam or breast stoke at the speed of light, but at least inspired to get off the couch.  Which brings me to my own personal fitness regimen, or should I say lack thereof.

One of my major stumbling blocks to working out, particularly this time of year, is the heat.  I'm just not a fan of heat.  And yes, I'm from South Mississippi and I still can't get used to the steamy days of summer.  I often think, if I only had a home gym.   Of course, if I had a gym there would be the issue of making it look lovely. 

Candice Olsen

 Talk about facing your issues head on.  There is certainly no getting around the fact that you need to workout each morning here.  I mean, if you've got to have a treadmill, what a clever place to put it. 

Personally, I think this is as close as it gets to home gym perfection.  Just proof positive that a chandelier works everywhere. 

Toronto Interior Design Group
This modern option looks so very cool and crisp.  Unfortunately, it makes me want to sit down at the bar and have a cool glass of sparkling water instead of doing some Pilates, but it looks great. 

Here's hoping.... and Go USA!

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