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"Pantry Confessions" (Giveaway Day)

We all have our "junk" drawers, right?  At least most of us do.  Here's mine. 

And, lest you believe that my entire house looks like THIS, you should know that the "junk" drawer isn't my only little secret.  The truth is, my pantry is a HOTT MESS. 

I know, I know.  Don't judge me.  I actually clean it out every couple of months, but for some reason the madness always seems to return.  I dream of the day when my pantry looks like one of these....

Lil Blu Boo Blog

What a cute use for simple galvanized pails found at Michael's.

Source unknown

Honey & Fitz Blog

I like to tell myself that if I had this much space in my pantry, I wouldn't have such a mess.  Although, that's probably so not true. 

By far, this one is my favorite.  You guys know how much I love wallpaper.  I must admit however, that I never thought of adding it to my pantry.  Lovely idea.  Maybe the fact that I'd have to keep things organized in order to see it would be just the motivation I need.   

Truth is, my fridge isn't much better.  I dare not show you a picture of that.  One thing that does help me organize though are my Tupperware FridgeSmart containers.  I love them.  They keep my produce fresher longer.  And for someone who loves the farmer's market this time of year, that means extra $$ in my pocket. 

I purchased these fresh local strawberries on Monday, April 30th, and this picture was taken on Sunday, May 6th. 

You know how quickly fresh picked strawberries ripen.  They not only organize my local produce buys, but they also give me a few extra days to enjoy them.  My "Tupperware Lady", I mean consultant, so graciously agreed to donate a sample medium sized container to one lucky reader. 

Special thanks to Lisa Cox
Check out more great Tupperware Products HERE

Some of the things on my Tupperware wish list:
Just leave me a comment (with your name/email address), send me an email, tweet me or post a comment on Facebook telling me just one organizing tip you use to keep your house or life in order.  Share the post on Twitter or Facebook for an EXTRA entry (tag @dwellbycheryl) 

Good Luck!

4 Comments - Click here to join the conversation!:

April Morton said... Reply To This Comment

I keep envelopes, stamps and outgoing mail organized in a letter holder at my front door (my main home entrance). Any mail that needs to go out is processed and placed in order of "send out/by" date (that is written just over/beside stamp). Not that we do so as much anymore, but its easier to get that homeowner dues payment, Mother's Day card or utility bill out the door if they are in your face every day as you enter/exit. And if I forget, then maybe my husband or brother will see it and send it off!

Dwell by Cheryl said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks April!! Great tip. I have a similar station set up.

Elizabeth grant said... Reply To This Comment

I use labels to keep everything organized. And I love storage containers :)

kitchen trash cans said... Reply To This Comment

Found this link while searching Google, thanks

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