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"Crushing on Tufting"

I'm currently contemplating a tufted sofa for my living room.

Although my current sofa is extremely comfy.  I've completely grown out of the overstuffed look of it.  It's similar to this one...


There's something about tufting that I really love. It's so sophisticated and luxurious. Very Hollywood Regency....

Dorthy Draper - The Greenbriar

Dorthy Draper- The Greenbriar

Today's versions are just as luxurious.  This one comes at a luxurious price tag of $6000....

  They even come in beautiful colors like this one...

Mitchell Gold-Bob Williams

I love their formality paired with down to earth everyday pieces...

Mabley Handler Interior Design

MMR Interiors

House Beautiful

The one I've been scoping out actually has a bottom cushion and throw pillows in a coordinating plaid.

 I'm not the biggest fan of the print, a bit masculine, but I could see how it would work with my existing living room pieces. 

While I'd probably prefer that the entire sofa be the same.  The two-tone look is really catching on...

Ashley Furniture

Apartment Therapy

Craigslist (Anderson/Easley)

Of course before I can do anything, I have to sell my current set.  Interested?  Click Here
I'll keep you posted.

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