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"Flower Power"

Yesterday I came very close to purchasing my first orchid.  I stood in Lowe's for quite some time talking to one of the sales associates about how to properly care for them.  As you probably know already, orchids are among the most temperamental tropical plants. 

 Honestly, I've never been the biggest fan of them.  I'm more of a down-home flower kind of girl.  Exotic just really doesn't appeal to me all that much.  But lately, I've been feeling the interior design pressure to incorporate one somewhere in my dwelling, since they seem to be all over the magazines and design sites.  I have to admit that they do look pretty perched atop a stack of books....

Sweet Something Designs

 Or as just the right accent on top of a console table.....

MR Architecture

Or as a focal point on a coffee table....

Photo Source

Meridith Baer

They even have the power to add color to an otherwise monochromatic room.....

via Decor Pad

I admit it, they do look pretty lovely as a design element.  I guess my only hesitation is that I'm afraid I'll invest in one (they aren't cheap) and then it'll die on me.  I heard one of the secrets to success is to only give it two ice cubes per week.  Sounds easy enough.  Right?

Got any orchids tips of your own?   I'll take all the help  I can get.  I have a feeling owning one is in my future. 

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G.Ann said... Reply To This Comment

This is C.'s friend, sleeping in your bed last night. I have an orchid blooming for the second time. When they bloom they bloom for at least 4 months which is nice.

Dwell by Cheryl said... Reply To This Comment

Great added bonus!

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