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Weekend Antiquing with Friends!

This has been a "super" busy weekend.  Of course I had my install Saturday afternoon and earlier in the day I went to the monthly ICA Show at Metrolina (Charlotte, NC) with my friends Bonnie and Brittany.  They've been dying to make the trip up and I was happy to be their tour guide. 

While it was cold and rainy, its usually worth it in the end.  We started at one of my favorite vendors who has the cutest painted wood pieces.  There always so beautiful and well priced.  This bookshelf was priced at $150, but the vendor quickly informed us that he could knock off $40.00.   They even came in a variety of colors.

This similar option at Pier 1, which I own in light blue, retails for $229.95.  Needless to say I did not pay that.

Pier 1
Brittany was totally in love with this piece. 

And Bonnie put her haggling skills to test by getting these two driftwood pieces for $30.

In case you haven't noticed, driftwood has made a comeback.  From tables at Crate and Barrel ....

Crate and Barrel



to coat hangers on Etsy.  The organic look it  has is actually very versatile and can be used with lots of styles.  Bonnie's is modern country.  It seemed that the theme of the day for me was Coastal.  I thought this lamp was really cool, but imagine it with a drum shade instead.   I was afraid to ask "How much?" out of fear that it would be too cheap to pass up and I'd have to take it home.

I actually didn't take the picture of the lamp until I saw this piece for $5.00 and thought they'd be cute in a room with a coastal feel. 

Like these....

Decor Pad

Coastal Living
 Brittany picked up a few Mason jars.  Needless to say the options for those are limitless.  Not sure why I don't own any myself.

  • Use on a hook as a vase for your spring flowers....

  • Stunning as the tablescape for your summer evening outdoor dinner parties....

Photo Source

  • Add numbers and use to organize your kitchen staples....

Photo Source

And lastly, we spent most of our time going through Nancy's fabric at Feather Your Nest.  If you recall in my first Weekend Antiquing post she was the $5.00 fabric lady.  Bonnie got several yards of beautiful fabric for panels in her kitchen and living room and a beautiful coordinating medallion fabric for throw pillows.  In the end, I ended up only buying one of these cute little birds that I passed on last month. 

Sometimes it's just as fun to shop vicariously through your friends.  : )

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