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"Goodwill Ambassador"

I realized this weekend that it's high time that I start cleaning out some closets.  An overwhelming job, but necessary nonetheless.   I decided to start small and tackle the coat closet.  After working for a while and getting enough space for my remaining coats to breathe, I thought I'd reward myself by taking a trip to Goodwill to donate a few items and see what I could find in the process. 

I ventured off the beaten path because I'd heard that the Goodwill in Concord on Poplar Tent  (for those of you in Charlotte) was a pretty good one. 

Apparently, I heard correctly.  I think the cold windy weather may have kept a number of folks at home, because it seemed a little slow for a Saturday.  Not that I was complaining.  More deals for me. 

Because I have enough clothes, shoes and accessories to open my own Goodwill, I typically bypass those areas and make a beeline for the home goods.  First stop, lighting....

Now at first glance, you might be tempted to say that it just looks like a bunch of 80s lamps.  But, if you go in with the knowledge that everything old is new again, you may actually see something that looks a little like these....

Elle Decor

 That's why I'm so glad I picked these up for $8.99 each! 

Sure, they need a little touch up but after I add a shade.


....they'll be good as new.  

Apparently the Goodwill locations in this area got a large retail shipment of art work, because I keep running into these new art pieces.  They're priced significantly higher than the typical Goodwill fare, but "higher" is relative I suppose.  These were about 24 x 24 and $29.99. 

I guarantee these were more than $29.99.  

Elle Decor

There's always a great assortment of $1-$2.00 glass vases....

 you just have to be able to see them for what they could be. 

Better Homes and Gardens

I ended up with a few. 

Finally, around here Goodwill always has this glass display case for the "good" stuff.  Typically priced higher than the other store merchandise.  It's where they keep the real silver and the designer bags and shoes, etc.  On the day I visited I saw this beautiful urn.  It wasn't really my style, but I could imagine that it would be beautiful in the right environment. 

Looks similar to the one on the coffee table here.

Photo Source

As you can see I'm really becoming a Goodwill Ambassador.  And quite frankly, I'm proud of it.  Happy hunting!

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