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"Weekend Round-Up"

Sorry for the radio silence the last few days.  I'm quickly coming to the realization that I CANNOT do it all, and in the meantime, that may mean a few less blog posts.  Hope you guys understand. 

I had a busy weekend getting ready for this Saturday's install.  In fact, I spent this Friday evening painting a backspash for my clients.  Here's a sneak peek.

It was a pretty easy process, but I'll fill you in on the deets a little later.

I also did a little furniture shopping with a client at the Mitchell Gold + Bob Willaims Outlet in Hickory, NC.  They have a great selection of awesome furniture at pretty good prices.  It helped that they were having an After Market Sale and everything was 20% off.

And becasue I CANNOT go to Hickory without stopping in at my favorite ReStore, we made a quick stop where we found the entire store 50% off (again!).
Call me crazy but I was crusing on this vintage floral sofa.  It was in pristine condition....
....and the lines were so very classic.  This would be a stunner reupholstered.  I'm really tempted to call the store and asked how much it cost.  Unfortunately, there wasn't a tag on it, but perhaps that was a sign.  : )
And lastly, it wouldn't be the first weekend of the month without the Antiques and Collectibles Show at Metrolina Expo.  This month was one of two HUGE shows each year; November and April.  There were so many great finds it was hard to see them all.  I went twice and I'm sure I still missed some booths.   
These chairs are an excellent example of how fabric can instantly give vintage finds a fresh new lease on life. 
I love an Edison bulb.  This simple pendant was simply stunning in a very natural sort of way.
The picture just doesn't do these frame agate stones justice.  Love! the vendor had all sorts of sizes and colors.
Something about these metal words said industrial loft or cabin to me, but I loved their wimsy.  "Hey Y'all" was my favorite. 
I almost purchased a sled like this on the Habitat ReStore blogger field trip and after seeing the price on this on, I so wish I would've.  I guess what they say is true; Hind sight is 20/20. 

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Want to go to Hickory! Great post.

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