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The Design Network

Earlier this year, while attending the Design Blogger's Conference in LA, I had the opportunity to meet Jason Harris the creator of The Design Network.  
via TDN

Jason was actually on program and shared the exciting news of the launch of a new online based interior design network. 

So, what is TDN?  According to their site, The Design Network is the world's first video-sharing platform devoted exclusively to everything "HOME!".  An entirely new spin on home design, TDN serves up inspiring, informative, entertaining videos whenever, wherever you need your design fix. View, rate and suggest what programming you'd like to see. TDN content can be accessed anywhere and at any time on your computer, tablet or smartphone. All you have to do is press "play."
Pretty simple right?  Well, "press play" is exactly what I did and I can't stop watching.  It's sort of like HGTV on-demand, on your computer or smart device. 

So far, my favorites are...

I actually follow Layla on Instagram and was familiar with her prior to her TDN debut.  Her specialty is cottage style and she’s great at what she does. 

via The Lettered Cottage

via The Lettered Cottage
I’ve just recently become familiar with designer Anne-Marie Barton, but from the looks of her work….

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 ….well, it speaks for itself.  Her show provides great information and inspiration as she provides viewers with insider tips for creating high-style spaces. 
I’d highly recommend checking out The Design Network.   Go ahead, you can link to it HERE.
Hmmm let’s see, if I had a show what would it be about?  Ideas?



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House Envy said... Reply To This Comment

I will check these out! Always love a new designer to follow! Are you hinting at something?!?!

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