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"Updating the Home Tour"

As you might imagine, my home is in constant evolution.  I'm sure I'll never actually be "finished" decorating it to my satisfaction.  And even if I get close, by the time I do, the trends will have changed and I'll be into something new.  I'm actually ok with that.  Besides, it's a journey, not a destination. 

My journey since launching Dwell by Cheryl has certainly included a number of changes to my home that I recently realized weren't really reflected in the My Home segment of the blog.  So, I've put together a home tour that includes my most recent updates.  The plan is to have it reshot professionally soon, but until then....

Check out the latest and greatest HERE.

Speaking of home tours, I've rounded up a couple of my favorites for your viewing pleasure.  These ladies are super talented and have two of my favorite blog home tours. 

Courtney of A Thoughtful Place

A Thoughtful Place Blog


The Hunted Interior

Love this digital magazine
Happy Monday!

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House Envy said... Reply To This Comment

I love both tours! Thanks for the images. Very inspiring! Erin

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